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Roofing Company in Mesa, AZ

Is your roof in need of a replacement or roof repair in Mesa? Proper installation and quality materials are crucial for the longevity of your investment. 

JBS Roofing is a leader in the Arizona roofing industry with a remarkable history of over 40 years. Unlike less seasoned companies that could disappear in a few years in this competitive market, JBS has demonstrated unwavering stability and reliability. Our A+ rating with the BBB reflects our commitment to ethical practices and customer satisfaction throughout the Valley of the Sun.

Mesa Roofing Company

Residential Roofing Services in Mesa, AZ

As AZ’s leader in roofing services for over 40 years, we offer roof replacement for all roof types:

Tile RoofingIn Mesa, tile roof homes are popular due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. Roof tiles are available in varieties such as traditional terracotta and versatile concrete. These tiles not only enhance the beauty of your home but also provide excellent thermal insulation and durability, keeping interiors cooler and lasting more than 50 years.

Shingle RoofingWe offer a wide variety of shingle material options including asphalt, fiberglass, and organic materials. These shingles combine durability with aesthetic flexibility and can add lasting curb appeal to your home.

Foam RoofingExceptional for its insulation capabilities, foam roofing offers seamless waterproofing and over 25 years of durability. Regular maintenance ensures these roofs stand the test of time against Arizona’s elements.

Flat RoofsFlat roofing lends a  modern look and functional outdoor space. Known for their energy efficiency and strong performance in desert climates, our flat roof offerings include:

  • Built-up roofing systems
  • Reflective cool flat roofing
  • Durable PVC roofing
  • Versatile modified bitumen

Roof Repair in Mesa, AZ

Concerned about the costs associated with installing a new roof or an unexpected repair? JBS offers financing options to help manage these expenses effectively. We are skilled in a variety of roof repairs in Mesa, ready to restore your roof before or after the harsh monsoon season to prevent further damage.

Signs You Need Roof Repair in Mesa

Eventually, your roof will require either replacement or repairs. To eliminate the potential for significant damage to your property, we recommend getting an inspection before and after monsoon season. Things to keep an eye out for that may require a roof repair: 

Shingle Roof Repair – Noticeable damage such as curled or warped shingles, or granules accumulating in your gutters, are indicators that your roof may need attention soon.

Tile Roof Repair – If cracked or missing tiles become apparent, or if there’s a hike in your energy costs, it’s a sign to get in touch with us for an inspection. Your tiles may look ok but your underlayment may need replacement.

Foam Roof Repair – Seeing the foam roofing material shrinking or detaching? It’s time to call for expert foam roof repair to ensure continued protection.

Flat Roof Repair – Be alert to signs like water pooling or visible damage on your flat roof, as these issues require immediate professional intervention to maintain the roof’s integrity.

As a roof repair company in Mesa, AZ, we’ve served the community for over 40 years. Our reputation is impeccable! We know the only way to ensure you remain one of our valued customers (and earn your referral) is to provide you quality products, quality service, and the best warranty in the industry!

The industry leader in AZ roofing services

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Commercial Roofing Experts in Mesa, AZ

When you need a commercial roofing company in Mesa AZ, call us at (623) 247-9252. If you’re looking to promptly initiate repairs, renovations, or any time-sensitive construction tasks, consider utilizing Gordian’s ezIQC® solution. This approach grants you fast access to our construction services through cooperative purchasing agreements, enabling you to kick-start your project immediately. ezIQC simplifies the process, allowing you to bypass the usual bureaucratic hurdles, issue purchase orders swiftly within a few days, and comply with local bidding laws, all while benefiting from significant volume discounts. To learn more, click here.

At JBS Roofing, we understand the critical role your roof plays in protecting your business. We specialize in tailored commercial roofing solutions for Mesa, offering repairs and replacements for:

Simplify Commercial Roofing Projects with Gordian

When you need to expedite a repair, renovation, or urgent construction project, Gordian’s ezIQC® solution is the answer. This service connects you directly with construction services via cooperative purchasing networks, enabling you to start your project immediately. With ezIQC, you can bypass the typical lengthy paperwork, issue purchase orders within a few days, and comply with local bidding requirements—all while benefiting from bulk discounts. Click here to learn more.

Mesa Roofing FAQs

Roofing FAQ

Why choose us as your Mesa, AZ roofing company?

For over 40 years, we have provided roofing services to the Valley, including Mesa, AZ. Our expertise and knowledge of roofing was earned through experience and a proven track record for quality, reliability, and customer service.

What kind of roofing materials do you use?

We use many kinds of roofing materials. Residential customer choices include built-up foam, concrete and clay tile, coatings, and asphalt and fiberglass shingles. 

What makes a roof uninsurable?

Major factors include extreme age and poor condition.

Where do most roof leaks occur?

Near penetrations, valleys, and in areas where shingles, tiles, or underlayment are missing or damaged.

What is the number one cause of roof failure?

Poor installation and inadequate maintenance are leading causes.

How do I select the best roofing company in Mesa, AZ?

Researching all your options is the best way to choose the best roofing company in Mesa, AZ. Checking out companies and contractors through the AZ Registrar of Contractors is a great place to start. You can also ask family and friends for referrals of companies/contractors they’ve used. Online reviews on NextDoor, Google and Facebook are another great way to research contractors and companies.

Will I benefit from a new roof?

Knowing that your family and your home are staying dry during Arizona’s rainy seasons would be the biggest benefit to a new roof. The installation of new roof can also increase the value of your home. Saving you money is another great benefit. When you provide proof of payment and the contract for your new roof to your insurance company, they may lower the premium for your homeowner’s insurance. Some of the roofing material choices we offer can even lower your energy bill.

How much will a new roof cost me?

A good budget to start with would be between $10,000 and $15,000; however, depending on your home and the products and materials chosen, it could be $25,0000. Our estimates are free and will give you a better idea on what to budget for.

How can I be sure that my Mesa roof repair or install will be high quality?

You can ensure that your roof was installed correctly by hiring a local, trusted Mesa, AZ roofing contractor that is bonded, insured, and licensed. Research Mesa roofing companies and look for those that have been in Arizona for a long time and have good customer reviews. You can trust they are the roofing companies that stand behind the work they’ve done and will fix problems when they arise. Arizona’s climate is different than most of climates our country has and requires roofs be installed specific to the climate. Picking a Mesa roofing company with the knowledge to understand the differences will help you ensure that your roof is installed properly.

Do I need a full replacement if my roof leaks?

A leaking roof doesn’t always need to be completely replaced. A 10-year-old roof that leaks in one area can most likely be repaired. A 30-year-old roof that leaks in more than one area will more than likely need to be replaced; there may also be other damage to the wood underneath the roofing system that will need to be repaired or replaced as well.

What is the average lifespan of a roof?

In Phoenix, expect about 15-20 years for asphalt shingles, and up to 50 years or more for tile or metal.

Our Happy Customers…

Jessica Rudd
Jessica Rudd
I've worked here for 19 years and it's the best place ever! Great family owned company!
Best place I ever worked at in my life
We were in the process of purchasing a home, based on a recommendation from our inspector we were in the market for a roofing company. Based on my grandmothers referral we went with “JBS Roofing” I couldn’t be more happy with the service. From the kind lady taking our call and helping us schedule a timely inspection to meet our 10 day inspection period in our contract to the tech. Our technician was thorough and honest. He quickly identified the facts of the condition of the roof and even provided his opinion. Both extremely helpful when looking to purchase a home. Steve was amazing! Thank you guys. I highly suggest this company and we will be using them for future needs!
A company that cares about their employees, internal and external customers.
Jacob Zimmerman
Jacob Zimmerman
On time, friendly and professional. Mark was able to quickly locate the issues and implemented effective solutions.
Debra White
Debra White
Great job! In the middle of monsoon season, I had to replace my roof underlayment on my tile roof. They did a very thorough job and found spots of rot and replaced plywood. The job was done quickly and very efficiently. They were very polite, friendly and explained everything about the process to us.Price was great, too!I highly recommend them! Thank you JBS ROOFING!!

The industry leader in AZ roofing services

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Foam Roofing in Phoenix

What is Foam Roofing?

SPF or sprayed polyurethane foam is one of the most popular, durable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly roofing systems in Phoenix. Years of research back this relatively new technology and show the many benefits of foam roofing. Urethane foam roofing in Phoenix offers you a long-term solution for your home. The original SPF roofing has been installed on residential homes in Phoenix since the 1970s.

Although the urethane products we use are similar, our materials are more modern and have been refined and significantly improved over the years. Although the majority of foam roofing contractors offer SPF, you can be assured all of our materials are of the highest possible quality.

Is Foam Roofing in Arizona Worth it?

Yes, the best system for your flat roof is polyurethane foam. Phoenix residential foam roofing is sprayed on, resulting in a seamless protection layer for your home and it pays for itself due to the insulation value. This means the thickness of the material will save you money on your cooling and heating costs. In addition to leak protection, your Phoenix foam roof will last for the long term.

What Is Foam Roofing in Phoenix Made of?

When the liquid components of a polyol resin and isocyanate are combined, the result is urethane foam roofing. The material is then sprayed onto the surface of your roof. The reaction of the liquid mixture creates a durable insulation layer on your roof. The minimum application layer is one inch. We can use thicker applications for extra insulation.

Why Should You Choose Foam Roofing Phoenix AZ?

The combination of benefits and ease you receive with a residential foam roof in Arizona are excellent for the unique weather in the area. Foam roofs have become popular all over the state. At Jim Brown and Sons Roofing, we help you take advantage of all the advantages you receive with foam roofing. We are a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in the Phoenix area offering high-quality materials and workmanship. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Reasons to Consider Foam Roofing in Arizona

The application process for a residential foam roof in Arizona uses a blowing agent free of CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons. This means you are having a green roofing solution installed. You can take pride in your new roof and the benefits you receive because everything is environmentally friendly.

One of the benefits of polyurethane is insulation. During a Phoenix summer, you need your roof to keep heat away from your home. During the winter, you are kept warm by the same insulation. The insulation is so superior, your energy consumption decreases and you are helping the planet by going green.

A residential foam roof in Arizona keeps water away due to the virtual impenetrability of the closed-cell structure. Since your foam roof helps ensure appropriate drainage, it will help prevent water from collecting even when it is raining. As Phoenix foam roofing contractors, we recommend polyurethane roofing regardless of which type of roof you have. We simply use foam to spray on your new roof.

At Jim Brown and Sons Roofing, we want your roof to be durable whether we are performing foam roof repair in Phoenix or installing an entirely new roof. A spray foam roof is resilient, provides you with durability and protects your home for the long run.