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A Few Things To Avoid For Your Commercial Flat Roof

Avoid getting on the roof

Roofs are unpredictable, and the less time you spend on them, the safer you are. To some building owners, the roof may seem inviting, but full inspections should be left to the professionals. At Jim Brown & Sons commercial Roof contractors, we have the equipment and training to safely walk and assess your commercial roof.

Although it may seem easy to climb on the roof, there are other complications involved, especially if your roof or building is unsafe. You also need to consider harnessing and fall protection as well as the danger presented for others by the possibility of falling debris. You should not risk your health and well-being unnecessarily, or anyone else’s by frequenting your commercial roof.

Professionals are professionals for a reason, and you should ensure a job well done by leaving the repairs in capable hands.

Avoid putting things off

commercial roof repair phoenixIf you procrastinate and ignore trouble signs of a potential leak such as musty odors, stained ceilings, or visibly damp roof insulation, you may significantly increase your total repair costs. If your commercial roof shows signs of a leak, get the repair made immediately, before the problem escalates into a much larger repair. By acting promptly, you can avoid potential damage to the insulation and roof deck. This quick, minor repair will save you money down the road.

Prompt repairs can also help your roof last longer. A roof in good condition is vital to the safety of your building, and quickly addressing necessary repairs can significantly help extend the life of your roof.

Problems that are left unfixed are accidents waiting to happen. Also, a roof that has weaknesses is a safety hazard that makes the building more susceptible to damage from weather conditions.

By putting off roof repairs, you could potentially turn repairs into replacement and risk the possibility of increased insurance costs. Coverage does not include procrastination, so it is important to act fast in addressing your roofs needs.

Avoid doing it yourself

Building owners often think of themselves as being handy, and believe they can take on a repair project themselves. However, why risk your business, inventory, and employees’ jobs on an amateur repair?

Some downfalls of trying to do it yourself, include leaks from improper work, safety issues, overspending, and ultimately wasting your time. Not to mention, not knowing what to do if an unexpected issue arises, such as asbestos or inclement weather while the roof is vulnerable.

The do it yourself approach may be a temporary fix, but most commercial roofing repairs require a professional roofer:

– Different materials are common on roofs

– Chemical solvents are often used to seal seams that were originally heat sealed, which can create problems.

– Amateurs can mix up surfacing materials and unknowingly place fair and unfair metals in contact, which can cause galvanic corrosion.

Maintenance performed by building owners should be confined to inspecting roofing systems in the fall and/or spring and removing debris. You can damage your roof by using improper techniques and severely injure yourself by falling off or through the roof.

Most commercial roofing problems are caused by lack of maintenance. To ensure you have a safe and durable roof, and can avoid frequent trips onto the roof and attempting to do it yourself, don’t delay- contact a roofing professional today.

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