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Asphalt Shingle Roofs: How Much Do They Cost?

Asphalt Shingle Roof Costs

Asphalt shingle roof replacements can increase your home’s equity. However, there are several variables that may affect the asphalt shingle roof cost in Phoenix. Replacing a roof is a huge project, so it’s helpful to break down the cost factors in order to help you make the best decision possible.

asphalt shingle roof costHere is a summary of what you need to know to make informed decisions about your asphalt shingle roof replacement:

  • The average cost of an asphalt shingle roof is typically somewhere between $8,000 and $12,000.
  • The style of the roof and the total size can impact the final cost, so keep these factors in mind when getting an estimate.
  • The pitch is a description of the slope of your roof, and this impacts the cost.
  • The number of your roof’s layers and adornments will also be factored into the estimate.
  • Repairs might be necessary before the replacement work can begin.
  • The cost of labour may vary on the skill and experience of who you hire.

Consider the following factors to evaluate the cost of your new shingle rooftop:

  • Size: The larger roofs will require more materials, which increases the total cost of the replacement. Roofers often measure the roof size in squares or 100 sq ft. To illustrate, if your roof is 1,800 sq ft, it will be expressed as 18 squares. This is only used to calculate the size of the roof – not the home itself; the roof is typically larger than the home.
  • Pitch: The steepness of the roof is called its pitch. If your roof is very steep, it will take longer to replace the asphalt shingles, and this will increase the total cost. Each type of home will have its own style, and the slope of the roof reflects its design; colonial homes and ranch styles tend to have simple roofs, which are cheaper to replace than more problematic styles like the tudor home.
  • Current shingle layers: The number of current shingle layers will be taken into consideration for the estimate. Arizona’s roofing codes forbid homeowners from installing more than two layers of shingles, for example. If you already have 2 layers, they must be removed before the new ones are installed. This process will take more time, and that increases the cost.
  • Roof adornments: The number of adornments on the roof will raise the cost of installing new asphalt shingles. Adornments include everything from solar panels to chimneys, skylights and facets. Each adornment will increase the complexity of the project, which increases the cost.
  • Repairs: Any necessary repairs will drive up the cost of installing new asphalt shingles. This might include replacing defective wood or repairing a leaky skylight.
  • Labor costs: Getting the job done right the first time might seem to cost more, but it’s actually less expensive than hiring sub-par roofers. Quality repair work will ensure that no corners are cut and the installation is done correctly.

Reducing Total Cost of Installation

Homeowners may seek to reduce the total asphalt shingle roof cost by cutting corners. It’s important to weigh benefits against possible savings. For example, you might get a low estimate from a roofer operating without a license. The price might be attractive, but you need to weigh this possible benefit against the fact that these subcontractors often lack more than just a license; they might also be operating without a bond or insurance.

Consider these issues if you’re concerned about how to reduce the cost of installation:

  • Labor warranty: If your contractor lacks a warranty on the labor, you’ll be stuck with the work performed.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: Any new asphalt shingle roof should come with a material warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty might require the materials to be correctly installed in order to apply. This is why you need to ensure that your Phoenix roofing company isn’t cutting corners, which can endanger the lifetime warranty on materials.
  • Contract terms: Each Phoenix roofing contractor can offer their own terms and conditions, so make sure to read these closely. Get the advice of a lawyer, if needed.
  • Estimates: Always get two or three different estimates, and compare them carefully.

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