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Benefits of Repairing Your Roof in Summer

Your roof is obviously one of the most important parts of your house, which makes it essential that you regularly have it inspected and maintained to ensure it remains in good condition. Of course, it is inevitable that your roof will need to undergo at least some repairs over time and there will eventually come a time when every roof needs to be replaced. In this sense, summer is by far the best time to have any necessary Phoenix roofing work done as it enables you to take advantage of all of the following benefits.

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There is no doubt that it is easier to do roofing work during the warm summer weather than it is during the colder winter months when your roof has the potential to be icy. Colder temperatures can make roofing materials more brittle and more difficult to work with. Similarly, sealants also take longer to set up. All of this means that roofing repairs done during the summer generally go much quicker than doing the same repairs in the middle of winter. In turn, this has the potential to save you money on labour costs.

Lower Moisture Levels

Although Phoenix isn’t typically known as a humid place, the city still experiences far higher moisture levels during the winter months. Any experienced roofing contractor in Phoenix will take steps to protect your home during installation. However, the fact is that higher moisture levels can create or worsen cracks and other roofing problems. In this way, summer is the ideal time to have roofing repairs or replacements performed due to the lower humidity levels.

Less Chance of Weather Interruptions

Similar to the previous point, Phoenix isn’t typically known for experiencing severe winter weather. Nonetheless, there is still generally less chance of weather forcing a delay in your roofing repairs when you choose to have them performed during the summer. Safety is always a priority, which means that most roofing contractors won’t work on a slick or icy roof. Although they don’t occur all at often, a snowstorm could mean a serious delay in the repairs as workers will have to wait for the snow to melt and the ice to thaw before continuing with the work.

Prepare for the Winter Weather

This one is really a combination of the previous two points. Having your roof repaired during the summer means that you’ll be able to ensure that it’s in good condition before any winter storms roll in. At the same time, having any damage to your roof repaired during the summer also ensures that the higher humidity levels during winter won’t worsen the damage. Snow, rain and wind can all wreak havoc on a damaged roof. In this case, you might suddenly find yourself having to pay for repairs due to water damage should your roof suddenly spring a leak. However, this can all be avoided simply by having your roof repaired during the summer when the weather is hot and dry.

Keep Your Home Cooler

commercial silicone roofingTrying to keep the home at a bearable temperature is something most Arizona residents struggle with year after year. In this sense, it is essential that your roof is in good condition as otherwise, those triple-digit temperatures have the potential to make your house feel like a furnace. A home’s attic is one of the biggest sources of heat gain and any damage to your roof could potentially lead to increased heat gain and thus make your home much more difficult to keep cool.

By repairing your roof before the worst of the summer heat hits, you’ll give yourself a much better chance of ensuring your home stays cool throughout the summer. Similarly, you’ll also be able to lower your electricity bills by making sure your air conditioner doesn’t have to run constantly. In addition to having any necessary repairs performed, summer is also an ideal time to consider having additional roof vents installed as these will help to reduce heat gain by giving the air trapped in your attic somewhere to escape.

All of the above factors mean that summer is by far the best time to have your roof repaired or replaced. This means that there’s no reason to continue to put off those necessary roof repairs any longer. Otherwise, you might find yourself facing a much bigger headache should your roof need emergency repairs over the winter.


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