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Cleaning Your Tile Roof: Is it Necessary?

Routine roof tile cleanings provide tangible benefits for homeowners. Naturally, the appearance of the tile will improve after a cleaning. However, removing dirt, leaves and debris will also give the cleaner a chance to inspect the roof for signs of damage. This includes specific problems with joints, vents and spacing between the roof tiles.

Here are the main benefits of roof tile cleaning:

  • Detect problems in the early stages: Cleaning your roof tile can help you discover broken or cracked tiles before the water damage becomes more expensive to repair.
  • In damper climates, remove moss and algae: Early detection is the key for preventing expensive water damage including moss and algae growth.
  • Roof warranty: The warranty on your roofing tiles may require you to keep all surfaces clean.

Roof Tile Maintenance

Damaged roof tiles can lead to costly repairs. If you wait too long, these issues get increasingly more expensive to fix. When you schedule an annual cleaning for your roof, it serves the same function as a diagnosis during an annual medical exam.

The service team will inspect the roof to detect the most common problems:

  1. Underlayment inspection: Underlayment refers to the layering that sits in between the plywood sheath and the roof tiles. This layer prevents water damage including mold and mildew growth; it also keeps the moisture out when the weather is humid. Leaves and dirt encourage the growth of spores, moss, algae and mildew. If they seep into the underlayment, they can erode this protective layer and allow water damage to occur.
  2. Water damage prevention: Rain falling on your roof tiles must rapidly run off the surface. Water that seeps between the tiles can also leak into the home. This may cause extensive damage to the interior. If dirt and debris build up in the spacing between the tiles, the water might be able to get between the slots.
  3. Regular roof tile cleanings: Regularity is essential for maintaining the proper rate of runoff after a rainstorm. Cleanings also offer a chance for the service team to identify any issues with the vents, joints or slots. Other signs of harmful moisture buildup can also be detected.

Professional Roof Tile Cleaning Services

Annual roof tile cleanings offer the service team a chance to inspect the tiles for any signs of damage to the underlayment, vents, joints and tile structures. In the process, you get all the leaves, debris and dirt removed from the tiles and gutters. Think of these annual cleanings and inspections in the same way that you think of a tune-up for your car. Replacing the damaged underlayment is much more expensive than keeping the roof tiling clean and well-maintained. Contact us for a service quote today.

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