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Considerations for Installing Tubular Skylights Metal Roof

Tubular skylights are small, narrow skylights that fit in very small places. With highly reflective interior walls, the effect of a tubular skylight in your home can be as bright as a spotlight on a sunny day. Tubular skylights metal roofs are an efficient way to bring an abundance of natural light to dark spaces, and they are appropriate for small rooms, such as bathrooms, closets, or laundry rooms.

Although Commercial tubular skylights are fairly simple to install, they do require precise cuts in the ceiling and the exterior roof, so it is best to leave this task to a roofing professional from JBS Roofing. Choosing the right location is extremely important, as the tube will extend through the home’s attic space and cannot interfere with wiring, joists, rafters, ductwork, roofing vents, or plumbing. The roof will also need to be carefully sealed around the skylight, so the exterior location of the Commercial tubular skylights metal roofs and the type of roofing material is also important to consider.

commercial tubular skylightsChoosing an Excellent Location

To begin this project, you may wish to consider a variety of locations that will be appropriate for your new skylight. You can then carefully consider each one to determine if it meets the parameters for a skylight installation. Although skylights are typically centered in the middle of a room, you can use the smaller tubular skylight to concentrate natural light over one specific area, such as a sink, shower, or dining room table.

Checking for Potential Obstacles to Installation

Determining the best location for installation is made easier if you have access to the attic; you can take a closer look at the space where the tubular skylight metal roofs will be installed. Drilling a small hole in the ceiling and placing a wire or other type of narrow marker through the hole can help you determine the precise location when you are viewing the attic. You can use a plumb bob to create a vertical reference line and locate the precise location where the roofing material will need to be cut, and you can determine if there are any wires, pipes or other items in the way that may interfere with the installation.

Exterior Considerations

On the outside of the house, you can visually determine if the tubular skylight exit location is appropriate. You can also get a sense of whether the top of the skylight will receive direct sun or shade; this will determine the intensity of the light that floods through your skylight. Any tree branches that are near the location of the skylight should be trimmed back so they don’t interfere with the operation of the skylight.

commercial tubular skylights PhoenixCutting the Surfaces and Installing the Skylight

Cutting the holes for the tubular skylight requires special tools for clean, round openings in the ceiling and roof that are precisely aligned with each other. A professional roofing company can assist you with this task, and they will quickly and efficiently install your new skylight. You will be amazed at the amount of natural light a tubular skylight metal roof can add to your home, and you may even find yourself mistakenly thinking that you’ve left the light on in the room.

Tubular Skylights Enhance Any Home

A tubular skylight is a wonderful addition to any home, and it is a cost-effective, attractive way to add natural light to enhance the look of your residence. The small size and ability to choose a variety of locations for installation make Commercial tubular skylights a convenient way to take advantage of natural sunlight and save on energy costs for lighting.

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