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Roof Repair

Establishing a Roof Maintenance Plan

Emergency roof repairs are expensive and time-consuming. If you are a facility manager of a commercial or industrial property, you already have enough on your plate without having to worry about this as well.

There are various benefits to implementing a roof maintenance plan to prevent problems before they come up. With such a plan in place, your roofer will perform various tasks such as:

• Inspecting drains and downspouts for clogs.
• Looking for areas where water can pool on your roof.
• Checking for bubbling beneath roofing materials that can be a sign of trapped moisture.
• Removing debris from the roof and gutter.
• Checking flashings and joints for gaps or tears.
• Looking at vents to ensure that they are properly sealed.
• Inspecting the roofing materials for indications of damage.
• Compiling a report on the findings from their inspection.
• Providing you with a recommendation for repair or replacement.

Your roof maintenance plan will have numerous benefits including:

• Dealing with Hidden and Extensive Damage

There is a possibility that your flat roof has already been damaged and you do not yet know about it. However, you may find out about that hidden damage when expensive emergency repairs become necessary. Your roofing contractor in Phoenix may also point out that the cost may have been less if you had dealt with the damage sooner. With a roof maintenance plan, you spend a lower cost to help mitigate the risk of large costs later on.

• Helping You to Avoid Emergency Repairs

This can cost even more than having to repair an extensively damaged roof. If your roof caves in under the weight of ice and water, you may be dealing with an interruption to your business. Business interruptions mean lost revenue. In some cases, a roofing disaster may also lead to you having to deal with lawsuits filed against you. If you have a roofing maintenance plan, you have some reassurance that you will not get a call about a roofing disaster at your business place.

• Maintaining Your Property Value

Keeping your roof in good shape helps to preserve the value of your property. Because extensive roof repairs can be costly, buyers will be more likely to pay a higher price if you regularly maintain your roof with a roof maintenance plan. You may even be able to sell the property faster.

• Saving You Money

Not all damage to your roof will require you to take immediate action. Minor problems may take some time before they worsen. It is best to fix them while they are still minor and a roof maintenance plan will allow you to learn of these issues early on. You will also learn about the expected cost of repairs. You are thus able to start putting money away to fix them instead of having to seek out an emergency loan to deal with a roofing disaster.

• Preserving the Service Life of Your Roof

No matter how good your roof is, it will have to be replaced at some point. If you have a roof maintenance plan, you are likely to know about the need for a replacement long before your roof actually starts to fail. Having it inspected twice a year is a good idea. The best times of the year for a roof inspection are the spring and the fall.

Get in touch with a roofer to come up with a roofing maintenance plan as soon as you can. It can be beneficial in the long run by protecting you from high future expenses.


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