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Get Your Roof Inspected Before Monsoon Season in AZ

Why You Should Have Your Roof Inspected Before Monsoon Season in Arizona

rain and lightning stormAs spring rolls around, most people in Arizona start thinking once again about monsoon season. Typically, this season begins in June and lasts through to September. For many, it’s an excellent relief from the relentless heat of summer. For others, it’s a nuisance that doesn’t end soon enough. Regardless of where you fall, it’s essential to test your roof’s integrity before it all starts.

Every year, monsoon season keeps the phones ringing off the hook. Homeowners that didn’t get their roof inspected before monsoon season immediately regret their decision. While some simply lose shingles or dented metal roofs from the occasional hail storm, others suffer leaks and major damage in and around the home. Don’t suffer this monsoon season – here’s why you should get your roof inspected beforehand!

Quieter Period

We already discussed that roofers are busier than ever once the monsoon season starts. Homeowners that were not proactive will be calling in, desperate for help. If there are multiple days of rain and no available appointments, you run the risk of more damage to your home. Before monsoon season, roofing companies in Phoenix are likely to have more availability.

Get Small Problems Fixed

Would you rather experience a terrible leak during monsoon season or pay a small fee to fix a small issue now? If you answered the latter, this is the sensible decision. With a simple inspection, the professional will identify any damage that has the potential to cause problems when the monsoon season begins. Prevention is always better than the cure, and prevention, in this case, is a roof inspection.

Potential small problems include:

Just because these problems exist, it doesn’t mean you’ll notice them straight away. Meanwhile, water seeps through, and the problem goes unnoticed for weeks and months. By the time a problem is evident, lots of damage has occurred to the structure. An annual inspection before monsoon season identifies issues early and fixes issues when there’s a risk during this rainy period.

Protect Assets

Without an inspection, you have no idea of the state of the roof – it could be one bad day away from disaster. When this happens, it causes unnecessary stress and damage to your property, and it also risks valuable possessions inside the home. In more severe cases, you could save expensive items in the house (both in monetary and sentimental terms!).

Spend Less Money

At the moment, you probably see a roof inspection as an additional cost. With the pandemic and other problems, the last thing you need is another expense. However, roof inspections should be seen as an investment. If the inspection shows no problems, the investment ensures a long and healthy life for your roof. If the inspection highlights an issue, you pay a small fee now rather than a big one later. Either way, it’s an investment well worth making.

Peace of Mind

Finally, there’s no replacement for the peace of mind that comes with a roof inspection. Whether there are no problems or something small has been fixed, it means a professional has looked at the roof and given it the go-ahead for the monsoon season. You aren’t sitting in the living room worried about what might happen while the wind and rain batter the home constantly.

Additionally, a roof inspection has an added benefit because professionals may spot an issue with the gutter system. During monsoon season, clogged or damaged rain gutters have the potential to become costly. As before, you’ll be on the phone with professionals at their busiest time trying to get the problem resolved.

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