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How AZ’s Sun and Extreme Heat Can Affect Your Shingles

 shingles phoenixSummertime is here and has already bought incredibly strong sun rays that guarantee you’ll be seeking shade if you’re outside. While your roof and shingles are designed to withstand many weather extremes, excessive heat combines with sunshine beating down constantly can have negative effects if your roof is not brand new. Jim Brown and Sons Roofing sees a wide variety of roof damage when we perform roof inspections and roof repairs. Sun damage on older shingles and heat to a roof can be extreme and can also increase the damage to a roof, causing the need for replacement before its time. If you have a shingle roof, your home is most vulnerable to Arizona’s summer heat. Below are a few ways your shingle roof can be affected.

DECOMPOSING – When exposed to extremely high temperatures like AZ’s summers often give us, the shingles on your roof can start to decompose. Newer shingles will hold up perfectly fine. It’s generally worn or older roofs where the shingles will start to show signs of decomposing. Decomposing shingles will look as if they are rotting. The shingles could be missing chunks or buckling. If your shingles are showing any signs of wear and tear, it’s important to contact a roofing contractor to prevent what could be costly damage to the roof structure itself.

CURLING – Are the shingles on your roof starting to bend or curl upwards? If so, it may be due to the sun and intense heat. Older shingles are more easily affected and increasingly at risk for intense wear by intense heat combined with sunshine. The warping will most certainly only get worse if left untreated, so it’s important to give a roofing expert here at Jim Brown and Son’s Roofing a call as soon as you notice the signs!

CRACKING –  If shingles are worn on your roof, they may also start cracking when faced with extreme heat combined with sun exposure. If there is tension in the shingle while it’s curling, the strain can lead to cracking. As with any type of shingle defect, it should be repaired as soon as possible as additional damage can occur without the proper protection of uncompromised shingles.

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