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How to Hang Xmas Lights on Your Roof Without Damaging It

If you’re not careful, the joy of decorating with Christmas lights can turn into damage to your roof. In more than 40 years of serving the Phoenix community, we have seen the damage that hanging lights on a roof with nails or staples can do.

Create No Holes in Shingles

Even though some movies make it look funny to staple Christmas lights to your roof, you do not want to do that.

Your eaves probably have gutters and a fascia board around the perimeter where you may staple the lights safely. However, in no case can you put a hole of any kind through the shingles. The envelope of protection they provide prevents water from reaching the roof decking underneath. When you remove the staples, the holes allow water to enter and start the rotting process.

Try to Avoid Walking on the Roof

Aside from the obvious danger of getting onto a roof from a ladder, walking on it can cause damage. The granules on asphalt shingles help make your roof beautiful, but they do much more. They make shingles shed water and prevent roof repairs, but they can dislodge and loosen when you walk on them. Other damage that may result includes dislodging the shingles or creating gaps that increase the risk of leaks. You may extend the lifespan of your roof by not walking on it.

If you still want to go on your roof to put up Christmas lights, use these guidelines to prevent creating damage.

  • Wear soft-sole shoes.
  • Walk gently.
  • Avoid going on the roof in the heat of the day when the shingles receive the most sunlight.
  • Tile roofs require you to put your weight across the peaks of the tiles instead of in the valleys.

Choose Plastic Clips Instead

You can find many different styles of clips that make it easy to hang your Christmas lights without endangering yourself, your home’s exterior or its roof. Innovative designs let you easily clip them onto your eaves, gutters or even under your shingles.

Your roof style and choice of lights help you decide on the best plastic clips for your outdoor Christmas decoration. A Google search can take you to the one that makes your display beautiful and safe to install.

Shingles and Gutters

Plastic all-in-one clips keep your lights aligned for a lovely roof line of Christmas decor. Different sizes and shapes let them hold sockets, stringers and specialties such as icicles. You can attach them to your gutters or slide the device under your shingles.

Clay Tile Roof Clips

The curvature and thickness of roof tiles need a special kind of clip to clamp your lights securely.

Eaves Clips

The lower hook on the plastic clips lets them hold a strand of lights or an extension cord.

Parrot Clips

Stucco-style or flat-roofed homes can use parrot clips or similar models to display Christmas lights. A unique design prevents the clip from damaging structures that have no eaves, gutters or fascia boards.


Putting lights on the peak of your house requires special care and caution.

Deciding to Decorate with Lights

In conclusion, following these simple tips will help you safely hang your Christmas lights on your roof without damaging it. Have a fun and safe holiday season!


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