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How to Inspect Your Roof

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Your roof may look like a simple, layered surface. Overlapping tabs create a barrier to the elements. In reality, it’s an incredibly complex system that requires a roof inspection in Phoenix AZ at least once a year. Homeowners should be proactive about their role when it comes to roof inspections in Phoenix. You can hop up to the roof’s surface and look around. Accompany your evaluations with professional roof inspections for a roof that lasts many decades.

Getting Above it All

It’s possible to inspect your roof from the curb by using some binoculars. However, the best way to see every issue is by venturing to the roof’s surface. Grab a sturdy ladder with a friend to spot you. Secure the ladder to the rooftop’s edge. Wear shoes that have good soles and ankle support. Climb to the top of the ladder, and look out on the rooftop’s surface. Make mental notes of any unusual visuals, such as sagging surfaces or dark spots. Take photos with your cellphone in order to really evaluate the surface.

Ideally, don’t walk across the rooftop as an amateur. Damage might occur underfoot. Injury can also happen in a split second. The professionals are better equipped for these roof inspections in phoenix.

The Sun Factor

Living in Arizona means that most of the year is full of sunny days. You might believe that the roof will be problem-free for years because extreme weather conditions don’t impact the region. However, the sun itself can be detrimental to the rooftop.

Heat against the roof causes expansion and contraction across the materials. Nails, shingles, and other elements react to the heat by bending, curling, and pulling away from the supportive wood. You’re left with materials that are only loosely connected to the structure. A rainstorm passing by one night can quickly leak into the home, which creates water damage to the interior spaces. Inspecting and repairing the roof on a regular basis is the only way to combat natural, heat processes.

Shingled Surfaces

Shingled Surfaces Roof

Shingled surfaces are a collection of layers to protect the plywood sheathing connected to your structural wood. When you reach the rooftop, take a careful look at the shingles. Every tab should be flush against the building. Edges shouldn’t curl upward. Every nail will be covered by adjacent shingles or roofing cement. If you see any nails pulling away from the shingled surface, a professional must come in to rectify this situation.

Exposed nails allow moisture to seep through and into the structure below. They also rust over, which can lead to more instability as the shingle slides away from its position. Be aware of any cracks or missing sections on the shingles, too. These defects contribute to leaks inside the home.

Penetration Evaluation

Any item that extends out of the roof’s surface is called a penetration. Vents, chimneys and skylights are examples of penetrations. Every roof inspection includes an evaluation of the penetrations so that any leaks can be caught early on. Penetrations have metal flashing surrounding their connection points with the roof. The shingles overlap the flashing to create a water-resistant area.

At times, the flashing might rust, crack or bend. Take some extra time to look around the vents and chimney. If you notice any materials pulling away from the structure, they must be reset or replaced. The professionals at JBS can make a determination about the repair strategy.

Low-Slope Materials

Low-Slope Materials Roof

Reflective coatings on flat or low-slope roofs require extra attention over the years. They don’t last as long as shingles. Look for any bubbling or sagging areas across the coating. These areas must be repaired because water pools and leaks into the structure where the defects remain intact.

Keep an eye out for penetration connections, too. The coating meets the penetration with some flashing used as an attachment point. Every material-transition point can be a leak vulnerability so roofing professionals must look at these sections with great care. If you do venture onto the flat rooftop for a DIY inspection, wear shoes that won’t damage the coating.

Take care of your Arizona roof with the help of JBS Roofing. Inspections and minor repairs fight off those more expensive appointments that can arise with a neglected rooftop. Take pride in your home with a little help from Phoenix’s roofing experts!

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