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How To Keep Arizona Critters Off Your Roof 

Common Pest Problems on Roofs In Arizona

roof rats in phoenix

Rats and mice are common for homeowners in Phoenix, Arizona, due to their exceptional sense of smell. Even the slightest scent of food can draw these pests to your home. These unwanted rodents have numerous ways to get into your home by chewing. Once inside, they spread very quickly. Rats and mice will make nests in the rafters in your attic and your walls.

These nests are a serious threat to your roof because substantial damage can be caused by all different types of local rodents. Another common issue is birds because their nests are frequently built right into tight spaces and the eaves of your rooftop. The result is damaging the surface of your roof or breaking through the materials, resulting in a need to get your Phoenix roof repaired. If nests prevent water from flowing, they can cause water to pool on the roof. In addition, their droppings can also cause materials to weaken. 

Although this may appear insignificant, if your roof is constructed of a softer material like foam or shingles, the damage can be extensive. The most common roof pest in Phoenix is currently the roof rat. In addition to causing expensive damage, these pests are capable of contaminating your food and transmitting disease through their faeces and urine. 

Roof rats in Phoenix can gain entry to your home through your attic, and in the process destroy and contaminate your attic insulation. One of the most effective options to prevent all of the above issues is having a critter guard installed. If you have solar panels on your roof, critter guards are essential for preventing damage. If you think you might have a rodent problem in your attic, contact us today to get your phoenix home inspected

How To Keep Animals Off Your Roof

All of these critters are exceptional climbers. Of course, a roof makes a lovely home for any type of bird. You can take several steps to prevent a wide variety of animals from accessing your roof, including the following:

Trimming Tree Branches

If you have any tree branches overhanging or extending onto your roof, they need to be trimmed back, so there is a space between your roof and the closest branches. 

Squirrel Guards

roof rats phoenixSquirrel guards can be placed on nearby poles and tree trunks. This is a piece of metal used for wrapping around the pole or tree trunk. Springs and wires are used to attach the squirrel guards enabling an expansion of your tree trunks. Due to the slippery metal, squirrels will be unable to climb. 

Metal Sheeting

Metal sheeting can be used around the corners of your home close to your roof, if you have a metal roof, rodent infestations will be less of a problem, and metal corners. Raccoons often gain access to the roof through these corners. This often prevents them from gaining access through metal sheeting. 

Critter Guards

Critter guards are placed directly onto your roof on the sides of solar panels. This effectively blocks the gap between your roof and the panels necessary for proper ventilation. 

Downspout Collars

Raccoons can use gutter systems and downspouts to gain access to your roof. Protective collars are a good deterrent for this pesky critter. 

Removing Vegetation

You may have decorated your home with climbing plants or vines. Although attractive, you are providing critters with access to your roof. You may need to trim them back or even remove them. 

Common Pest Problems in Attics

If you have not scheduled roof inspections yearly, you may be unaware of the pests wreaking havoc with your roof and attic. The most common pests found in Phoenix include the following. 

 • Raccoons

 • Squirrels

 • Termites

 • Roof rats

 • Bats 

 • Pigeons

 • Other birds

 • Bees

How To Keep Animals Out of Your Attic

The best way to deny animals entrance to your attic and eliminate the materials dropped onto your roof by these uninvited guests is to install critter guards. Critter guards are metal screening strips with an appearance similar to higher-quality chicken wire. The strips are installed along the sides of the solar panels on your roof. 

You may have heard critter guards called solar bird netting. When your solar panels were installed, a gap was left between your roof and panels to ensure proper ventilation. Critter guards are installed to stop a wide variety of pests, including birds, rats, and squirrels, from gaining access between and beneath your panels to prevent excessive and expensive damage. 

Critter guards will also prevent the collection of flammable debris beneath your panels and close to the wiring, including twigs and leaves. This is a potential fire hazard in Phoenix. A common bird issue is the pigeons found beneath solar roof panels. Pigeons find shelter from predators and weather in these areas in addition to a sense of community.

Average Cost to Install Critter Guards on Your Roof

The cost per linear foot for the installation of critter guards is $7 to $12. If you require 150 linear feet, your installed cost is generally between $1,050 and $1,800. Your actual cost can be lower or higher depending on the size of your roof. 

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