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Monsoon Season Is Upon Us, Is Your Roof ready? It’s Not Too Late

The monsoon season is here, and it runs through the end of September. A typical Arizona monsoon season includes:
Winds in excess of 40 mph can blow shingles off of roofs and send overhanging branches crashing onto roofs
Large hail that can damage roofing material to the extent that it allows rain to pass through it into your home
Heavy rains that will find gaps in roofing, flashing, and vent boots and lead to water damage and mold

Your roof is your home’s best protection against the damaging weather that occurs during the monsoon season. Is your roof ready for the challenge it is about to face? These tips will help you get your roof in monsoon-ready condition and quickly have it repaired if damage occurs.

Preparing your Roof for Monsoon Season in Arizona

monsoonContact a company for roof repair in Phoenix to inspect the roof and determine what repairs, if any, should be made before the worst monsoon weather arrives. The Phoenix roofing company will look for:
Brittle shingles that won’t stand up to hail
Cupped shingles that are susceptible to being blown off in high winds
Gaps in the flashing along walls and around chimneys where rain can easily penetrate to flood your home and cause mildew, mold and rot problems
Clogged or leaky gutters and downspouts that can cause water to back up under shingles or fall close to your home causing damage to siding and the foundation
Large branches that pose a threat to your roof if they fall

All of these problems can be solved before your home suffers damage from the Arizona monsoons.

In addition, the brutal Arizona sun and heat cause all types of roofing material to age quickly, and when it does, it is susceptible to damage from monsoon winds and rain. If your roof is more than ten years old, having it inspected and repaired prior to monsoon season is preventative home maintenance that makes sense.

Roof Repair Tips for Arizona Monsoon Season

When a storm packing high winds and/or rain and hail moves through, wait until it is safe to go outside. Then, from the ground, check your roof for signs of damage. Look for missing shingles, damaged gutters and other repairs

Also, inspect the attic and the ceilings on the top level of your home for signs of water penetration through the roof.

roof inspectionWhile inspection from the ground can show obvious damage and it is safer than getting onto the roof yourself, you might miss damage that hard to see. If your neighbors are reporting damage to their roofs or you suspect your roof might need repair, don’t hesitate to call a roof repair company in Phoenix or your local town.

Of course, if you find any sign of damage, contact a Phoenix roofing contractor immediately. The roof repair specialist will bring ladders and equipment to properly inspect your roof for damage. In the short-term, tarps might be placed over areas where shingles are missing to prevent further damage and water penetration.

Roof repair in Phoenix, AZ during monsoon season should be done promptly. Minor damage can be repaired by replacing just a few shingles. Repairing major damage can involve tearing off the old roofing materials and installing a new roof. The advantages of a new roof include better protection from the elements, improved appearance and the peace of mind that comes with a new roof warranty. In some cases, the installation of a new roof can lead to lower home insurance costs. Contact your agent for details.

Time Counts During Monsoon Season

The longer your roof goes without being repaired, the greater the damage can be to the roof, house structure and eventually to the interior of your home.

Don’t delay. Call today for roof inspection and repair in Phoenix and the surrounding areas that will keep your home safe and healthy for you and your family.

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