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Most Common Roof Styles In Arizona

Common Arizona Roof Styles

When it comes to roofing styles in Arizona, there’s much debate regarding the best material. One thing is for certain – it’s an interesting question considering the dry, relentless heat of the Arizona summer. Whenever you install a new roof, it’s critical to remember that Arizona homes face challenges not experienced in other states. When contacting a Phoenix roofing contractor, make sure you ask about the roofing styles that they install.

Here are some of the most common roof styles in Arizona!

Shingle Roofs

Over the years, shingle roofing has probably risen above all the other options as the favorite in Arizona. Why? There are a few different reasons:

  • It doesn’t require too much maintenance
  • Inexpensive for those on a budget
  • Capable of handling extreme weathers

If you’re comparing the different roof styles, keep in mind that you will find more durable options than shingles. However, there’s no reason why it can’t last up to 25 years. Depending on what you need, you’ll find both wood and asphalt shingle roof styles.

Foam Roofing

In Arizona, another common style you’ll see throughout residential areas is foam roofing. With an existing surface underneath, this style will see a layer of polyurethane foam sprayed over the top. Generally used for flat roofs, it provides insulation in the colder months and prevents leaks throughout the year.

Homeowners tend to choose foam roofing because the solution should last from now until… well, forever. To fix UV damage, you’ll need to reapply a coating once a decade or so. Other than this, it lasts the test of time and therefore brings a fantastic return on investment.

Tile Rooftops

Next up, we have another of Arizona’s most common styles and one that completes the top three. Of course, the debate with tile is around the material. In the heat of Arizona, most people will tell you that clay is the best material for your roof. Even during heatwaves, clay won’t burn, nor will it rot even after decades on the roof. In the past, lots of homeowners have managed to get over 50 years from clay tiles. Clay is also the tile of choice for many homeowners because it’s not an attractive material for rodents or bugs, a problem for other materials.

For those who don’t place durability and longevity as the most critical factor, you’ll worry about how easy it is to damage clay tiles. Unfortunately, it isn’t the strongest material, and it often succumbs to damage from falling branches and other debris. Also, clay is heavy and costs more than most other materials.

If you need an alternative, concrete is a solid option (literally!). Concrete still breaks, but nowhere near as easily as clay. Furthermore, concrete tiles start at $300 per square rather than the $700 of clay.

Metal Roofing

metal roofing materialNot everybody wants tile, foam, or shingle, and this is why you’ll also see metal in Arizona. It isn’t as popular as the first three solutions, but it’s certainly growing at a faster rate than all other options. Some homeowners want an eco-friendly solution, and this is what you have with metal – some are even made from recycled materials. Though more expensive in the short term, metal is known to reduce energy costs in the long term.

Another benefit of choosing metal for your roof is that it copes well with all weather conditions and handles dust storms with very few problems.

Which should you choose? This all depends on your budget, the appearance you desire, how long you wish to get from the roof, your location, and more. Contact a professional today for personalized advice and find the right roof style in Arizona!

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