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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind Roofing Syndrome Cures

A roof of a home or business is like oil and lubricants are to an automobile, and if regular Commercial Roof Maintenance goes unattended, significant damage occurs. However, the “Out of sight, out of mind” approach to roofs has remedies neatly tucked into a simple management plan. A fundamental knowledge of the parts of a roof helps you understand what does and does not need attention. Let’s consider the simple construction of the most important parts of any roofed structure.

Properly Fitted Flashing

Properly Fitted FlashingUsually made of copper, steel, or a galvanized alloy, the flashing goes around the base of vent pipes, skylights, and down the valley created by architectural designs where gables and wings of the building meet. When left unattended, the initial sealant deteriorates over time and allows water to seep into the attic causing damage to wooden structures, and your personal belongings. Periodic maintenance includes inspection for loose screws, repairing any holes, and replacing seals.

A Well Constructed Soffit

At the top of exterior walls, the material that closes off open beams between the wall and gutters is the soffit. It allows for ventilation while keeping out rainwater that damages rafters, sheathing from rot, and heat, as well as small critters.

Solid Fascia Protection

Your gutters attach to the fascia, which a vertical board connected to the rafters and trusses of the roof framing. The fascia can become damaged by the smallest of tree debris and allows moisture to cause rot to the rafters. To properly inspect the fascia requires a ladder and presents a hazard of injury for homeowners who usually hope for the best and decide not to take a peek at its condition. The result is costly repairs. Once the wood rots, water is free to damage the structure while also allowing birds, bats, and squirrels to enter your home.

Properly Installed and Maintained Gutters

The majority of people know what gutters are but often have no idea as to what they do and protect. Evidently, they collect the water runoff from rain, but they channel it away from the house and foundation. When left unattended, they clog up, get blockages, develop holes, and begin to sag causing undue stress on the entire roof structure that results in expensive roof repairs. Leaves and other debris that pile up cause an overflow that wears a trench in the yard below creating a lawn care issue, as well.

Roofing Materials

Types of material used for the roof covering are usually a matter of personal preference based on curb appeal. You want your home to look as nice as possible for passersby, but some materials offer more protection than others and last longer. Asphalt shingles eventually dry out becoming brittle and cracks allow water to enter the boards underneath. Ask your roofing contractor about each type of roofing and which one gives the longest lasting protection and return on your investment.

Routine Maintenance for Extended Roof Life

residential roofingLet’s face it. Climbing a ladder to inspect your roof is probably not the way you want to spend your time or risk your health and safety. A qualified and professional roofing contractor not only has the tools for the job but also has years of experience to recognize problems before they occur. Our regular roof maintenance includes the following services and support.

  • Roof inspections and evaluations
  • Roofing recommendations for new solution and/system
  • Budget planning support for your family
  • Itemized and detailed roof estimates
  • Customized roof maintenance plans
  • Building energy analysis
  • Roof warranty support
  • Emergency repairs

We provide maintenance plans to fit the needs of our clients and welcome any opportunity to assure you and your family safe and dry during any weather. Save yourself time and money, while minimizing risk to your personal safety by allowing our certified and factory-trained professional roofing team to evaluate your existing roof. Then you can call a mechanic to change the oil in your car and give it a lube job. We are here to protect your home and priceless family treasures with a thoroughly inspected, and repaired roof. Call us for a convenient appointment at JBS Roofing, today.

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