Written by JBS Roofing

Concrete Tiles VS Shingles

If there is one thing that everyone knows about Phoenix, it is the heat. Some of the highest average temperatures in the entire country can be found in Arizona, and the sun beats down all throughout the year. While many residents love the sun and the lifestyle it creates, it can also wreak havoc on the roof of your home or business. Sun exposure over the long-term can damage the wrong kind of roof, so having a proper roof installed and maintained is important to get the most out of your investment. Two of the most common roofing options in…

Written by JBS Roofing

What Is The Most Energy Efficient Roofing Option

These days, the topic of energy efficiency is a hot one. Not only does being more energy efficient help the environment as a whole, but it also can help your pocket book each month. Energy costs – whether it be gas, electricity, or other forms – are at all-time highs. By increasing your energy efficiency through driving a car with better MPG or making your home more efficient can be a great help when trying to pay the bills. One of the biggest influences on the energy efficiency of a home is the type of roof that it has installed…

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