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Protecting Your Home from Floods and Water Damage

Flooding in phoenix

Arizona presents its own unique set of challenges for homeowners when it comes to protecting their properties from the outdoor elements. While it’s essential to be mindful of the extreme summer heat, monsoon storms can be even more aggressive, causing severe damage to houses, gardens and other structures.

Because the Arizona soil is extremely dry, water doesn’t absorb very well and increases the likelihood for severe flash flooding. Roadways and neighborhood layouts can also lack the necessary drainage systems needed to ensure these floods don’t send water onto your property.

For this reason, it’s essential to assess and maintain your roof’s structure regularly and drainage systems regularly to prevent water damage to the inside and outside of your home.

Make sure the drainage system on your roof and around your house is effectively sending debris and water to municipal storm sewer systems. Gutters will need to be adequately sloped and well as connected to downspouts. You can run tests with a hose to ensure your drainage systems are working correctly or carefully observe where rainwater runs as storms pass.

One simple but overlooked routine maintenance item to add to your checklist is inspecting your gutters. Ensure they aren’t being clogged with twigs, leaves and other kinds of debris. Clogged gutters can lead to an overflow when it rains, preventing them from properly diverting rainwater away from your property. When the gutters get filled with water, they leak around your perimeter, saturating the ground your home sits on with water. Over time, this can lead to a shift or even collapse in the home’s foundation.

To prevent your foundation from weakening and accumulating moisture, make sure to clean your gutters at least once every year. This can be a DIY job or something you hire someone to do regularly. Gutter covers are also an excellent option for preventing debris from getting trapped in your gutters altogether.

If you’re in the early stages of planning certain design elements of your home, consider distancing your in-ground spas, pools and jacuzzis away from your house. While it’s not ideal to have a pool or jacuzzi overflowing, it’s even worse for that flood to spill close to your home’s structure. Be mindful of where you position your gardens to prevent your plants from getting waterlogged. One of the best options is to plant your garden on a raised bed, keeping them away from potential flooding from pools or drainage systems.

At JBS Roofing, we ensure that roof structures and drainage systems are precisely repaired, planned and constructed to protect your home from water damage. For more information or to schedule a professional inspection, call us today!  (623) 247-9252

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