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Roof Leaks: Here’s What You Should Know

Your home consists of a building envelope, which includes the foundation, walls, and roof. The rooftop provides shelter from weathering elements so that the structure can stand for many years to come. Over time, however, your roof can suffer from roof leaks because of aging materials layered across the deck. At some point, you may need to deal with roof leaks at your home. Here’s what you should know about roof leaks so that you are prepared for any surprises during the next rainy season.

Potential Causes

commercial silicone roofingYour rooftop may look perfect from afar, but leaks aren’t always obvious from a cursory glance. It’s possible to have a leak into the roof because of poorly fastened materials, including shingles and underlayment. You might also have flashing, skylights, and other elements that break up the surface of the rooftop. These elements have connection points with the structure that can lead to leaks.

The most obvious leak areas are roof puncture points. Falling debris, tree branches, and other natural elements might strike the home and create a hole that allows water into the structure. All of these leak points must be evaluated by roofing experts in phoenix so that you can stop further water damage from harming the structure.

Locating the Origination Point

One of the main reasons why you want a roofing professional at your home for any leaks is verifying the origination points. Leaks into a home don’t drip in perfect vertical directions. Water might leak into the roof’s peak, and then the moisture travels several feet before it actually enters the home. Roofing experts can track these hidden trails so that the leaks’ origination points are found and properly repaired.

In most cases, roofers will climb up to the rooftop and physically verify the structure’s stability. You’ll also notice that professionals enter the attic space so that leaks can be found from the underside of the roof deck. At the end of the appointment, you should receive a full report of every origination point that leads to a leak within the structure.

Actions to Take if a Leak is Suspected

If you believe a leak is affecting your home, take action to safeguard your property before any further water damage occurs. Place buckets underneath any visible drips within the home. You might call roofers for an emergency visit during a storm as well. Although roof repairs cannot be finished on a home during a storm, roofing experts can add a tarp to the shingled surface so that water moves away from the structure. Schedule a follow-up appointment with roofers after the storm so that they can immediately repair the issues before they worsen over time.

Understanding Replacement Versus Repairs

You might wonder if you need to replace your roof when a leak occurs. A replacement project is a major investment for any household because all of the materials must be removed and replaced on the rooftop. Replacement isn’t necessary unless a majority of the surface is damaged, weak, and actively leaking into the home. One or two leaks in random regions across the rooftop will normally require basic repairs.

Keep in mind that the age of your roof does play a factor when roofers quote you a repair or replacement. A rooftop that’s about 20 or 30 years old will probably need to be replaced so that leaks don’t become a yearly issue in the future.

Contacting the Professionals

If you notice any discoloration on walls or ceilings, contact roofing experts in your area. Ideally, hire roofers who have several years of experience in your region so that they understand the challenges of local architecture and weather patterns. Your chosen professionals must be licensed within the state. You might look online for reviews about several roofers as well. Interview three to four different experts before you decide on one company. Their expertise will actually preserve and possibly improve your property value in the end.

The best way to avoid any roof leaks is by hiring professionals on a regular basis. Ideally, hire roofing professionals to evaluate your property once or twice a year. These visits normally include visual evaluations, material checks and other activities to keep your roof as watertight as possible. When the next storm hits, your roof should hold up against the weather with no leaks insight.

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