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Roof Inspections

Start Your New Year with a Roof Inspection

As the end of another year rolls around, we all think about making another New Year’s resolution to make a fresh start in the upcoming year. And one of the ways to make sure next year is a good one is to plan for a roof inspection so your home’s integrity and belongings will be protected all year long.

What is a Roof Inspection?

Just like taking your car in for regular maintenance, a roof inspection helps roofing professionals fix small problems before they turn into a home ownership disaster. Our expert roofing team will inspect your home’s roof from top to bottom to spot potential problems as well as diagnose and fix anything that is keeping your roof from being in tip-top shape.

What’s Included in a Roof Inspection

When JBS Roofing provides your home with a roof inspection, they deliver a complete evaluation of your roof along with repair work to make sure your home is protected.

  • A full pre-assessment conversation to learn about ongoing or current roof concerns
  • An extensive physical evaluation of the roof and your home interior to check for leaks
  • Notifying you if a thorough cleaning of the roof and drains is necessary to remove loose debris
  • A check of nearby trees on the property that may impact roof safety
  • Notify of any repairs necessary for resealing of vents, drains, skylights, and other roof penetrations to fix and prevent common leak problems
  • Evaluate other areas for leak potential like curb and wall flashings and repair as needed

Is a Roof Inspection Worth It?

No one wants to spend extra money on something they don’t need. That’s why JBS Roofing will provide you with a detailed report of the service along with photos so you can understand the state of your roof, what critical work needs to be done, and what recommendations our roofing team has so you can keep your roof in good condition.

But just like other preventative services, you don’t 100% need a roof inspection unless you want to be sure that your home (and wallet) are protected. Homeowners who rely on roof inspections will attest to the preventative care and peace of mind that this service provides, especially as seasonal monsoon storms roll in and the potential for roof leaks and damage rises for homes in the Phoenix area.

As a family-owned roofing company that has served Phoenix and the surrounding areas for over 40 years, JBS Roofing has focused on helping homeowners avoid roofing catastrophes by offering a roof inspection to catch those small or seemingly unimportant changes to your home that can turn into big problems over time.

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If you are ready to have our expert team ensure that your home’s roof is in great shape, contact us at JBS Roofing to set up your roof inspection so you can check off at least one of your New Year’s resolutions right now!

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