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What are the Benefits of a Silicone Roofing System?

Silicone Roof CoatingMaintaining the integrity of a commercial roof should always be a top priority. Whether it is multi-family housing or an office building, silicone roof coating provides years of leak-free functionality. It is applied in liquid form and comes in several colors with white being the most popular. The benefits it brings make it a good choice.

Reduced Cost of Maintenance

While rain and wind can cause damage over time, the sun is a roof’s biggest enemy. Extended exposure to ultraviolet rays can break down the structural integrity of a roof and eventually make it useless. Using a white silicone roof coating blocks ultraviolet rays and keeps the roof intact. It can be used on different types of roofs, such as modified bitumen, TPO and PVC. Silicone is an affordable solution that reduces maintenance costs.


Another advantage of using a white commercial silicone roofing coat is that it is permeable. This means that it can breathe and is better able to cope with changes in weather and variable temperatures. In some cases, a protective top coat may be necessary to make the silicone more resistant.

Lower Energy Costs

The main benefit of a white roof coating is the ability to reflect sunlight. This keeps heat from building up in offices and living units, allowing people to stay more comfortable during the hot summer months and reducing energy use. Another factor is silicone coating does not have any fasteners or seams, which keeps heat inside when needed. Building owners can easily figure out the energy patterns in the building and deal with them in a cost-effective manner.

Ease of Application

White silicone coating can be applied through the use of a power washing machine. While the majority of roofs do not require a primer before application, some single-ply roofs can have a residue that is filmy and makes it difficult for the silicone to stick. The coating is free of solvents and low in POVs, which means it is highly fire retardant. Silicone roof coating meets most standards for safety, and it can be used freely without worry.



White silicone roof coatings tend to build up with dirt if they are applied to buildings in windy locations. In those cases, it is better to choose a different colour that will not show the dirt so much. In addition, it is possible that silicone is not the most suitable choice for a particular roof. This can be determined by a professional roofing company before any work begins.

Building owners who are looking for an affordable and durable solution will find many benefits with a silicone roofing system.

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