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What To Expect When Your Expecting A Roof

Information on the JBS Roofing Process

You have a leak now what?

Call us. Jim Brown & Sons are not your typical roofing company in Phoenix. When you call our office during normal business hours you won’t be asked to press a number and you won’t be frustrated by speaking to an answering service. You will actually reach a live person who can immediately answer your questions and provide assistance.  We will set an appointment the first time you call in. Our estimator will arrive on time and stay in contact with you if things should change.  You will receive your free estimate in a way that is convenient for you, on-site or emailed.

At work? Not a good time to call?

That’s ok, you can visit our website and request an estimate.  Let us know what’s going on with your roof and when you would like us to come out and we will be happy to contact you via email or phone.

Ready to sign?

Your questions have been answered and you are ready to make the decision, but what happens next?  Once we receive your signed contract and deposit if applicable,  a work order will be created and turned into our production department.  The production department will then contact you to let you know they have received your work order and give you an approximate start date and time.  The Superintendent will be out before the start of the project to do a pre-job walk.  If you have any concerns, this is a good time to discuss them with the person in charge of your project. Bad weather and unforeseen factors can be a hard thing to schedule around so sometimes, dates may change. We respect your time and understand it’s not always easy to change your schedule around so we do our best to keep our original dates. We just want to make sure we set the right expectations.

Your day is here!

On the first day of work, you may be surprised at how noisy roofing can be! If you have pets you may want to keep that in mind.  If they don’t like thunder and lightning they probably won’t enjoy the roofing experience.  If your roof is being torn off, debris that has accumulated in the ductwork may fall out due to the vibration in the attic. We recommend placing newspaper or work towels down where you have vents such as range hoods, bathroom exhaust fans, and or A/C ductwork to protect your floors. If you have anything valuable on the walls such as precious family heirlooms, take them down just in case. It is better to be safe than sorry. Every job is different: some are finished in a couple of days, some take a little longer due to the size and amount of detailed work. The crew will clean up every day and haul away our trash.

The grand finale!

The crew has finished, the mess is cleaned up, what’s next?  The Superintendent will do a final walkthru on the project and make sure everything is completed as it should be. If you are not home when this is done they will leave a card at the door to let you know who was there and if the project is 100% completed. Once we have made sure your roof is up to our strict quality standards, we will invoice you the remaining balance owed.

How to pay your bill?

You may call in a credit card (623)247-9252 or mail in a check to office 5537 N. 59th Ave. Glendale, AZ 85301.


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