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When is a Flat Roof Replacement Necessary?

Flat Roof Replacement PhoenixAt some point, even a well-maintained flat roof will need to be replaced. The most common issues that lead to replacement are roof uplift, standing water, weather exposure and age. Despite these factors, research suggests that up to 80 percent of roofs are replaced before it is necessary. This is why it is important to get your flat roof inspected by a professional roofing company to see if repair or recoating versus replacement is still an option.

Signs a Flat Roof Needs Replacement

If any of the following factors apply to your flat roof, it is time to think about replacement.

  • The roof is old. If your roof is aging or is approaching the end of its warranty period, replacement is often more cost-effective than simply continuing with a repair process.
  • The 30 percent rule. This rule states that if 30 percent or more of your roof has either been repaired in the past or will soon need repair, it is time to consider a full replacement.
  • The cost of repairs is extensive. If the condition of your roof requires expensive and complex repairs, the cost of a new roof may only be slightly more. In this case, you should go ahead and do the replacement.
  • There is a safety issue. If your flat roof is damaged to the point where it has gone through the top layers and is affecting the structure underneath, you should seriously consider replacement to make the roof safer.


It is possible that your roof is not at the point of needing a full replacement. In that case, you can consider having roof leaks and other problems repaired and getting the roof recoated. You have several choices for roofing coating but the top two are foam or modified bitumen. Your contractor can advise you on which coating is right for your particular roof. While repair is often less costly than replacement, replacement may be inevitable. If you cannot decide whether to repair or replace your flat roof, consult with the professionals at JBS Roofing to get an inspection and explore your options. Call us today! (623) 247-9252

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