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When Should I Think About Re-Roofing

When you think of home remodeling projects, your mind probably drifts to glamorous new bathrooms or fully appointed kitchens. You probably don’t think about your roof, but perhaps you should be looking for a good roofing company. Your home may be the greatest investment you’ll ever make, and your roof is an essential component to protecting it from the elements. Re-roofing ensures that your home is ready to handle the worst that nature can throw at it, and it can also boost its resale value, significantly improve its appearance and even prevent costly repairs in the future. If you’re still wondering whether re-roofing is the right decision for you, here are acommercial roofing arizona few key points to consider.

A Sound Investment

Did you know that the condition of the roof is one of the first factors most buyers consider when deciding on a home? No one wants to buy a home only to replace the roof a few months later, after all, and a well-maintained roof is often seen as an indicator that the rest of the home has also been kept in good condition. Studies have shown that re-roofing a home can increase its resale value by about $12,000 on average, and you can expect to recoup more than 62 percent of your initial investment if you should ever decide to sell. You also won’t have to worry about a building inspection, which can quickly kill a potential sale if the roof isn’t up to par.

Protecting Your Future

What’s more, you can take comfort in knowing that your home is well-protected both now and well into the future. An aging roof is more prone to weather-related damage, water intrusion and other dangers, and most older roofs aren’t very energy-efficient. Re-roofing can allay those concerns by providing formidable protection against the elements, and you can also cut energy costs by using the opportunity to incorporate better insulation and ventilation. If you find that your energy bills are particularly high during the smoldering heat of summer, you can even spring for a cool roof. Cool roofs slash the amount of absorbed solar radiation, allowing less heat to transfer into your home and keeping you and your family cooler any time the weather turns hot. Finally, depending on the materials you choose, re-roofing may also make you eligible for a longer manufacturer’s warranty to guard against any unforeseen problems.

An Opportunity for a Makeover

roofing contractor phoenixHave you grown bored with the appearance of your home? Does it appear to be dated or out of style compared with your neighbors? Are you simply searching for a way to boost your home’s curb appeal without resorting to drastic measures? Re-roofing provides the opportunity to address all of these things. You may be surprised at how much a new roof can dramatically change the appearance of your home, and you can choose from a tremendous variety of materials, textures, colors and designs to ensure that you achieve exactly the look you want.

Slash Insurance Costs

Since a quality roof offers greater protection against wind, water and various other hazards, it should come as no surprise that re-roofing is a major plus in the eyes of your insurer. Most insurance companies will offer discounts on your home insurance policy if you have your home re-roofed, and the savings could be significant. You may be able to save even more if you choose impact-resistant roofing materials, and some insurance companies also offer lower premiums for fire-resistant roofing. Be aware that this may not apply to all insurers, however, so check with your provider for more information on their specific policies.

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