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Roof Inspections

Why a Roof Inspection is Important

Phoenix Roof InspectionA roof inspection is a process that will determine the integrity of your roof and determine what, if anything, is needed to ensure it does not run the risk of leaks or other issues. Our roofing specialists are always available to come out to your home, look at your roof and discuss your options. The following outlines what roof inspections offer to you as a homeowner.

Honest Evaluation

Getting a checkup for your roof is a proactive measure that will let you know if your roof is still viable, or it is in need of repair. There are several different types of roof damage, and not all of them are obvious. There could be some loose shingles or tiles, which could eventually lead to leaks. Pigeon droppings or debris build up are also a possibility. A thorough roof inspection will reveal issues you may not have considered to be potential issues for your roof.

Ventilation Check

Your attic needs proper ventilation in order to keep your roof healthy. An inspection will reveal if the vents being used are the right type and if the airflow is adequate for the size of your attic. There will also be checks for moisture and mold, which can spread into the walls of your house, causing damage and possible health problems.

Leak Assessment

If you are experiencing a roof leak, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the water is coming in. A thorough roof inspection will reveal where the roof damage is, and a solution can be developed from there. You should always check your roof after storms and heavy winds to ensure everything is intact. If you find damage, contact a professional roofing contractor right away.

Inspection Process

When you schedule a roof inspection, we will come to your home and start by asking some basic questions. The inspection process involves both the roof itself and your attic area. Afterward, we’ll discuss our findings, potential problem areas that need immediate attention and provide our recommendations. It is always less costly to be proactive as far as your roof is concerned which is what makes annual inspections an important part of maintaining your home.

If you suspect that your roof has been damaged or it may need to be replaced, contact JBS Roofing to schedule your inspection today  (623) 247-9252.

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