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Gilbert Roofing Contractor

Gilbert, AZ is a fast growing community that is now home to over 235,000 people. Once known as an agricultural town, Gilbert has grown to be a desirable suburb with highly-ranked schools and some of the safest streets in all of the Phoenix metro area.

The expansion of Gilbert has seen an explosion in new housing and businesses over the last few years. Naturally, all of those new structures need roofs to protect them from the AZ elements. Jim Brown and Sons is an experienced roofing contractor and would love the opportunity to work on any roofing project that you may have in Gilbert. We are equally adept at installing an entire new roof as we are making small roof repairs. No matter the job, give us a call.

Every roof we install comes with a warranty of up to 30 years. That warranty covers both materials and labor – in other words, you can have your roof installed by Jim Brown and Sons and never worry about it again. There are also financing packages available for residential roofing projects to help you afford the upfront costs that come with a new roof.

Some of the roofing contractor services we provide include:

Gilbert Roofing Contractor Services


JBS Roofing started in 1982 as a residential roofing company serving the Valley for roof installation, roof repair and replacements.


After establishing ourselves as residential roofing leaders within Arizona, JBS quickly expanded into the commercial roofing market.


Seamless gutters are custom fit for your property, ensuring water is directed away from your home, preventing costly property damage.

Gilbert Roof Repair

Rated as an A+ business by the BBB, Jim Brown and Sons has been building a great reputation all around Arizona for more than 30 years. We take our reputation very seriously, and treat each and every customer fairly and with respect. In addition to reroofing and new roofing projects, we also provide roof repair. No project is too small for JBS. To get started on your roofing or roof repair project, give us a call now!

With over 30 years experience serving Arizona, we are experienced in repairing all types of roof systems from foam to shingle and from tile to metal. Roof repairs are more common in the summer during the monsoon season. We strongly recommend having a roof inspection performed prior to this time as a proactive approach to preventing water damage to your home from storms.

Gilbert Roof Repair

Why Choose JBS Roofing?

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Jim Brown and Sons Roofing Reviews

“I had a no-hassle experience with JB&SR after the hail storm a few summers ago. Even when so many people were dealing with the aftermath of the storm, my roof was replaced quickly and the work was well done. There were spots of the roof’s structure (of my house built in 1948) that were rotted and needed to be replaced; they pointed these spots out to me, and offered to fix them, without any pressure. It felt like someone looking out for me, and ensuring the job was done right, rather than simply an ‘up-sale’. I was glad that they pointed it out to me, and glad I had them do those repairs. All in all, I was perfectly satisfied with the work, the price, and I will use them again next time I need it.”  – Mike E.

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“Jim Brown and Sons Roofing did an excellent job at a very good price when I needed a roof repair done to my hone immediately!!!! Thumbs up I would recommend them to anyone!!! They were very professional and courteous and were here when they said they were going to be.” – Tracey S.

“Their estimator Dan showed up on time for both estimates and he was very professional and honest. The quote was very competitive. We ended up going with a different company for the first project but I would not hesitate to recommend JBS.” – Trent K.

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