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In order to reroof or renovate existing roofing, it is often required to bring to code mechanical curb elevations, which necessitates altering electrical, plumbing, and ductwork. It is also advantageous to replace aging rooftop equipment at the same time as a reroofing project to ensure maximum weathertightness and longevity of the roof warranty. Construction and reparation of these items are prohibited by the limitations of a commercial roofing license, meaning you would need to hire a general contractor in addition to your roofing contractor. More manpower and more money…
…until now.
JBS Roofing proudly offers general contracting services as a convenience and benefit for our clients. Rather than having to hire a general contractor to complete the different facets of your roofing project, your roofing contractor is the general contractor. Typically, hiring a general contractor adds about 20-25% to a project. Hiring JBS general contractor Phoenix for your roofing project puts you at a major budget advantage.


In addition to the items mentioned above, as a general contractor we can also help with:


Controlling nuisance animals increases the lifespan of roofs and siding. Nesting birds can erode roof coatings and cause unsightly and unsanitary droppings. Installing bird spikes, bird netting and other features can greatly reduce these problems and prolong the life of your roof system.


Many aging buildings have unsafe roof access ladders and roof hatches that need to be updated or replaced to ensure maintenance crews have access to critical building components. We can assist in updating these features to prevent liability and possible injury. 


We repair parapet walls including masonry, concrete spall repair, stucco, and vertical surface painting and coatings.


Clerestory panels, skylights, sheet metal, and screen wall. Additions of or alterations to shade features including awnings and trellises.


Words like “Integrity” and “Honesty” have become so overused in advertisement that the words have lost any true meaning. However, we hold these words dear as they are the fundamental truths by which we live and operate our business.

Our team was brought together by a guiding philosophy of “Integrity Proven through Total Transparency.” Leading by example, we have taken our philosophy of total transparency and provide our customers with a refreshing alternative to the standard model of contracting pervasive in our industry.

The earlier we are brought into the process, the more we are able to save you through innovative value engineering solutions. Contact us as soon as you identify a construction need to ensure we can assist you in finding the most cost effective solutions.

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Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures and principles, expectations and outcomes.


Our safety program is an evolving document designed to meet or exceed all OSHA and Industry regulations. The plan is dynamic, with new programs added regularly as regulations are updated or when our scope of services requires addressing new hazards. Every employee and every representative of the customer is given full Stop Work Authority for any observed unsafe condition.  Work will not continue until it can be performed safely.


The defining feature of our Quality Control Program is the empowerment of every employee to stop work the instant a deficiency is noticed and take the necessary steps to remedy the situation to the satisfaction of the customer. It is our daily goal that no deficiency goes unnoticed and unresolved.  We firmly believe in a Zero Punch-List approach to construction and are committed to correcting any and all deficiencies as they are encountered of our own volition without being prompted to do so by the customer.


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