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When you need to get repairs, renovations, upgrades or time-sensitive work underway quickly, you can access our construction services through Gordian’s ezIQC® solution. ezIQC allows you immediate access to our services via cooperative purchasing networks, so you can get started on your project now. With ezIQC, you can avoid the red tape of traditional project execution, issue POs in just a few days and satisfy your local competitive-bidding requirements – all while taking advantage of volume discounts.

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Cost Control
ezIQC establishes local material, labor and equipment pricing upfront in a Construction Task Catalog®.

Time Savings
Initiating projects is simpler and faster with ezIQC than with traditional construction project delivery. With contracts already awarded and preset pricing for Tasks, projects can start in a matter of days.

Accuracy and Auditability
Gordian is here to ensure accuracy in every price proposal to confirm it’s contract compliant, transparent and auditable.

Each ezIQC Project Follows These 5 Simple Steps

Joint Scope Meeting

Once a project is entered, Gordian will contact you to schedule a Joint Scope Meeting at the site with us to inspect the site and ask questions before submitting a Price Proposal, helping eliminate potential misunderstandings and mistakes.

Detailed Scope of Work

Gordian will review a Detailed Scope of Work describing the work we’ll perform for you. From there, they will send the SOW and Request for Proposals to us.

Price Proposal

We’ll prepare a Price Proposal by selecting the appropriate tasks from the Construction Task Catalog® (CTC). We’ll then submit our Price Proposal along with a construction schedule.

Price Proposal Review

Gordian reviews the Price Proposal to ensure the tasks and quantities match the work to be done. The reviewed Price Proposal is then submitted for your final review.

Purchase Order Issued

Once you have approved the Price Proposal, construction schedule, proposed subcontractors and any other require documents, you can issue a purchase order for work to begin.

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Expedite construction procurement through cooperative purchasing networks
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