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Phoenix Built-up Roof Repair & Installation

Built-up Roof (BUR) Repair in Phoenix

Built-up roof systems are one of the oldest roofing systems used for commercial roofing construction purposes. Not only are they reliable, they’re easy to repair in the event of damage. With these roofs, we intend to provide customers extra protection and render better performance in the extreme weather conditions.

What is a Built-Up Roof System?

Essentially, a built-up roofing system consists of layers of roof felts that are laminated together. Bitumen, asphalt or some other roofing adhesive is used in between the layers. Emerging as a safer, durable and lightweight alternative, a lot of business owners are finding them to be an ideal choice for their office buildings. They are particularly useful for roof structures that are low-slope or flat.

Built-up roofing system are a choice you can never go wrong with because they can be designed and built to cater to a building owner’s needs. In addition, these built-up roofing systems incorporate multiple layers and offer superior protection in the event of hail or snow (for our Northern AZ commercial property owners).

With over 40 years of experience, we have the expertise needed to give your building’s built-up roof the ability to easily withstand harsh weather in Arizona.

Why Use Built-Up Roofing Systems in Phoenix for Your Building?

There are many advantages that an owner enjoys when they choose to have a built-up roofing system installed on their building.

  • Built-up roofing systems are a cost-effective solution.
  • It is applied with minimal hassle such that building occupants are not disrupted.
  • It ensures impact and fire resistance.
  • It is decorative, hard wearing and comes in a variety of skid resistant finishes.
  • Built-up roofs are easy to clean.
  • This system has a superior ability to bridge joints and cracks.
  • Built-up roofs promise excellent color stability.
  • Reflective materials can be used over the topcoat so as to reduce the effect of UV radiation.
  • Long term warranty comes with many built-up roofing systems.
  • It has commendable waterproofing capabilities.
  • Tensile-strength for built-up roofs is high.
  • With insulation, performance of a building component can be significantly improved.
  • Built-up roofing systems reduce heating and cooling costs.

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How a Built-up Roof is Installed 

Roof Surface Preparation

  • Any buckles, raised edges or blisters that exist on the surface are flattened and removed.
  • The existing roof is then checked for vents, valleys, flashings, drains or edging to determine if built-up roof repair is needed.
  • It is ensured that the surface is free from rust, paint, dirt, oil, gravel or grease.

Sometimes existing roofs have to be completely removed if:

  • The deck is deteriorated and fail to qualify for a reasonable subsurface.
  • The structure has been roofed many times as this can lead to high weight load.
  • The old roof has moisture such that it cannot be dealt with.

Phoenix Roll Roofing

Roll roofing starts next and the adhesive is applied on top. At this point, it is important to ensure that the roofing adhesive is applied uniformly using a roofing brush between the layers of roll roofing. This adhesive is applied after an hour of the cement application. The drying time is around 2 days provided the weather is warm and dry (we can assume that it will be in most cases!). If it is possible to lift the roof and it shows the cement is wet, it will need some more time to dry.

Before you opt for your built-up roofing systems, it is important to determine whether it is a hot applied roofing system or a cold applied roofing system that will work for you.

Professional Built-up Roof Installers in Phoenix

At Jim Brown and Sons Roofing, we ensure that your roof installation is as easy for you as possible. Since we have over 40 years of experience in the industry, we facilitate our customers to make well-informed decisions in terms of quality and components so we meet and exceed expectations every time. It is with this attitude that we ensure durable, affordable and weather-resistant roofs such that our customers have peace of mind year after year.

Contact us today to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and durability with your roof.

Phoenix Built-up Roof Repair FAQ

phoenix built up roofing faq

What does built-up roofing mean?

Built-up roofing, in simple terms, means multiple layers of roofing products usually referred to as a base, ply and a cap. The base is exactly what is sounds like: the layer on the bottom creates a base. This can be a fire rated material which some building codes require. The second layer, called a ply, is an intermediate layer of an asphalt based felt. You can add one layer of ply or three layers of ply. Usually, the more layers the longer the warranty and longevity of the roof.  The last layer, referred to as a cap, is a thicker layer of an asphalt-based membrane that has granules adhered to the membrane to provide a protection from the sun and other environmental factors. These layers are either adhered with hot asphalt or are self-adhering sheets.

How do you install built-up roofing?

Built-up roofing is installed in layers that are adhered based on the type of material that is being installed. It can be adhered with hot asphalt, a glue adhesive, or the membrane is a self-adhering product that requires no other product to adhere it to the roof deck.

What does a built-up roof look like?

Built-up roofs typically are grey, white or tan granules that look like 3’ wide sections that can be as long as 180’ long. They are installed in a staggered or brick layered pattern.

How much does a built-up roof cost?

This depends on how many layers, size of the roof, and access to the building. You can expect to pay as little as $250 a square to $1,000 a square. Typical installations for homes are around $10,000. For commercial buildings, it’s hard it give a budget number without taking into consideration of parapet walls and roof mounted curbs.

What are the benefits of a built-up roof in Phoenix?

You can get a fire rating is the most common reason, economical price for new builds, and longevity with easy maintenance.

What makes built-up roofing stronger than other roofing types?

The layers are where the strength is. Think of it as skin. Would you just want one layer of skin or 5 layers of skin to protect you? The thinner the skin, the easier it is to bleed. The thinner your roof the easier it is to leak.

What are the major issues with a built-up roof?

Built-up roofing remains to be one of the best roofing systems out there. The reason it has declined in installation is due to environmental issues. Built-up roofing is an asphalt-based system and the cost of asphalt has been on the rise for years. If the system is applied with hot tar, the fumes that are off-gassed are not preferable for some installations. Another downside is insurance costs to the contractor. The risk for injury is higher with hot asphalt and torch down so you may have a hard time finding a contractor that will install a built-up roofing system that isn’t self-adhered.

Is a built-up roof the right choice for my house?

honest opinion on what is best for you. Do you have problems with birds, insects, and rodents? Then a built-up roof would be best for you. Do you have hard to reach areas that would make installation difficult if not impossible? Then foam might be a better solution. Also, make sure to discuss the longevity expectations you have with your roof and home. These are all important factors in making the right choice for you.

What is the lifespan of a built-up roof?

If you do the minimum, you can expect 10 years before you might need to start looking at maintenance and built-up roof repair. If you install a better system with multiple layers, you could get 30 years on a well-maintained roof.

What are common repairs for built-up roofs?

Split seems, bubbles, and material degradation in areas where water sits. All can be repaired without replacing the roof.

Our Happy Customers…

We were in the process of purchasing a home, based on a recommendation from our inspector we were in the market for a roofing company. Based on my grandmothers referral we went with “JBS Roofing” I couldn’t be more happy with the service. From the kind lady taking our call and helping us schedule a timely inspection to meet our 10 day inspection period in our contract to the tech. Our technician was thorough and honest. He quickly identified the facts of the condition of the roof and even provided his opinion. Both extremely helpful when looking to purchase a home. Steve was amazing! Thank you guys. I highly suggest this company and we will be using them for future needs!
A company that cares about their employees, internal and external customers.
Jacob Zimmerman
Jacob Zimmerman
On time, friendly and professional. Mark was able to quickly locate the issues and implemented effective solutions.
Debra White
Debra White
Great job! In the middle of monsoon season, I had to replace my roof underlayment on my tile roof. They did a very thorough job and found spots of rot and replaced plywood. The job was done quickly and very efficiently. They were very polite, friendly and explained everything about the process to us.Price was great, too!I highly recommend them! Thank you JBS ROOFING!!
Thank you on the wonderful job you did on my new roof and facia boards.JBS exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend JBS for their quality work and honest professional service. Archie Tourney
Patti Phillips
Patti Phillips
JBS went above and beyond to respect my home, neighbors and animals.The qork was done well and on time. They did a wonderful job and I highly recommend them.

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Foam Roofing in Phoenix

What is Foam Roofing?

SPF or sprayed polyurethane foam is one of the most popular, durable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly roofing systems in Phoenix. Years of research back this relatively new technology and show the many benefits of foam roofing. Urethane foam roofing in Phoenix offers you a long-term solution for your home. The original SPF roofing has been installed on residential homes in Phoenix since the 1970s.

Although the urethane products we use are similar, our materials are more modern and have been refined and significantly improved over the years. Although the majority of foam roofing contractors offer SPF, you can be assured all of our materials are of the highest possible quality.

Is Foam Roofing in Arizona Worth it?

Yes, the best system for your flat roof is polyurethane foam. Phoenix residential foam roofing is sprayed on, resulting in a seamless protection layer for your home and it pays for itself due to the insulation value. This means the thickness of the material will save you money on your cooling and heating costs. In addition to leak protection, your Phoenix foam roof will last for the long term.

What Is Foam Roofing in Phoenix Made of?

When the liquid components of a polyol resin and isocyanate are combined, the result is urethane foam roofing. The material is then sprayed onto the surface of your roof. The reaction of the liquid mixture creates a durable insulation layer on your roof. The minimum application layer is one inch. We can use thicker applications for extra insulation.

Why Should You Choose Foam Roofing Phoenix AZ?

The combination of benefits and ease you receive with a residential foam roof in Arizona are excellent for the unique weather in the area. Foam roofs have become popular all over the state. At Jim Brown and Sons Roofing, we help you take advantage of all the advantages you receive with foam roofing. We are a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in the Phoenix area offering high-quality materials and workmanship. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Reasons to Consider Foam Roofing in Arizona

The application process for a residential foam roof in Arizona uses a blowing agent free of CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons. This means you are having a green roofing solution installed. You can take pride in your new roof and the benefits you receive because everything is environmentally friendly.

One of the benefits of polyurethane is insulation. During a Phoenix summer, you need your roof to keep heat away from your home. During the winter, you are kept warm by the same insulation. The insulation is so superior, your energy consumption decreases and you are helping the planet by going green.

A residential foam roof in Arizona keeps water away due to the virtual impenetrability of the closed-cell structure. Since your foam roof helps ensure appropriate drainage, it will help prevent water from collecting even when it is raining. As Phoenix foam roofing contractors, we recommend polyurethane roofing regardless of which type of roof you have. We simply use foam to spray on your new roof.

At Jim Brown and Sons Roofing, we want your roof to be durable whether we are performing foam roof repair in Phoenix or installing an entirely new roof. A spray foam roof is resilient, provides you with durability and protects your home for the long run.