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Ancient Greeks knew about philosophy, write poetry, and create art masterpieces. They also knew how to keep cool. Yes, the togas helped, but they also understood that buildings constructed with lighter colored materials kept their space

cooler. Since there have not been any changes to the principles of heat and light, people wear lighter colored clothing in hot climates to reflect the energy from the sun because darker colored clothing absorbs the sun’s energy.

So why continue to pay the price in higher energy and maintenance costs for that black roof on your building?

If you’re thinking about a commercial cool roof, you need to understand the basics. Like how much of the sun’s energy a white roof reflects, and how long the reflectivity lasts.

Urban Heat Island: Truth and Consequences

You’ve probably heard about the “heat island” effect: the tendency of urban areas to reach temperatures from 3 to 8 degrees Fahrenheit above the surrounding countryside.

But do you know what heat island means for your building’s energy and maintenance costs and what you can do about it?


  • Nearly half of the U.S. population lives and works in ” heat islands.”
  • 38% of the heat island effect is attributable to dark roofing, which absorbs more sunlight.


  • More discomfort, resulting in lost productivity.
  • Increased energy cost as air conditioners work harder to keep building cool.
  • Higher maintenance expenses due to accelerated aging of building structures.

Cool Roof Solutions for Hot Buildings In Phoenix

White roofing is one of the fastest, easiest, least expensive, and most effective ways to reduce energy consumption in buildings with low-slope and flat roofs. Mostly cool roofs are associated with white roofs because light colors can typically reflect more heat than dark colors. White roofing can be applied to both commercial and residential buildings. For existing roofing, we can also add a solar reflective coating to save energy and reduce heat. If you want to get more information about white roofing services in Arizona, please contact us today!

White roofing has a variety of colors and materials available. White vinyl is one of the most popular materials in Phoenix for cool roofing. We can also use rubber, shingles, PVC even metal for your cool roofing projects. There are different industry standards and certification programs to evaluate the performance of energy-saving materials. You can visit the Energy Star and Cool Roofing Rating Council sites to get more information.

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Jim Brown & Sons Roofing provides cool roofing installation, repair, upgrade and coating services. We are proud to be a member of the Arizona Cool Roof Council. With 30 years in the business, we are the Cool Roof Specialists. Call us today (623) 247-9252!

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