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As a Phoenix commercial foam roofing contractor for every industry based structure imaginable, Jim Brown and Sons Roofing never lets any obstacle mar its dedication for providing ideal roofing options. Commercial foam roofing poses no challenge for us either. Our extensive experience also involves spraying roofs with a special mixture that ensures reduced energy bills and maintenance costs.

Commercial Industrial Roof System in Phoenix, AZ

This kind of commercial foam roofing system is applied to a Phoenix facility in order to make the commercial structure fireproof and can be applied to all kinds of industrial roofs with ease. In other words, installing crickets by using sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam will not have any effect on the UL-class classification of the roof whether the decking application is combustible or non-combustible. This kind of foam roofing system is capable of waterproofing and insulating and is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.  This system also lowers the effects of extreme temperatures thus lowering heat and thermal shock potential.

SPF or sprayed polyurethane foam is made of two liquids namely isocyanate, resin or polyol along with an environmental friendly blowing agent that forms small bubbles as in the mixture as it is sprayed. When both of them are combined, they form a closed cell liquid that is then sprayed on roofs.

How a Phoenix Commercial Roof is ‘Foamed’

Both liquids are pumped from different containers and are sprayed from a spray gun at a 1:1 ratio. When these two combine in the nozzle, they increase in size or expand 30 – 50 times as the bubbles continue to form which result in a solid, close celled yet light mass. When this mixture is sprayed on top of a roof, it settles as a solid membrane.

The mixture dries instantly after it is applied to a roof and as it expands, it makes the roof weather and watertight. Since the material is so lightweight, the structure remains intact. Once the SPF mixture is applied according to the suitable thickness, layers of elastomeric coating and granules are applied on top to protect the material from the sun’s rays. SPF can oxidize and get damaged otherwise. The layer thickens and can then be walked on for maintenance or other purposes.

Benefits of Commercial Foam Roofs in Phoenix

As far as commercial roofing systems go, a commercial foam roofing system can allow you to save energy and reduce costs because of the following reasons:

Excellent R-value

As mentioned before, a foam roof is quite dense in structure which makes it thermal resistant. This is what is known as its R-value. Commercial foam roofing material has an R-value of 6.25/inch so if a roof requires an R19 insulation value, it will require 3 inches of this foam. As it is applied on top of the substrate, it reduces thermal expansion/contractions and reduces chances of condensation from forming underside.

With the right amount of coating (almost 11/2 inches), SPF roofing can keep your home cool in the summer and offer sufficient heat in the winter thus cutting down your energy bill significantly. However, depending on the type of roof, some parts might get more foam than others.


A foam roof can hold its shape and structure for years since it is chemically stable. If it is applied properly, it will remain as long as the structure is standing. It only requires re-coating every 10 to 15 years to sustain its resistance against UV rays.

Stops Leakage

Most roofs start to leak when water enters through exposed joints or seams in low-quality roofing material. If for instance, it’s made of a number of piles, water can travel between layers and start dripping from other parts of the building. Such leaks can be difficult to locate and repair. Since an SPF based roof or foam roofing is a large monolithic solid mass, it has no cracks or joints where water can get through. This prevents leaks from springing up even during the strongest of storms.

It’s Lightweight

Even though it looks heavy, SPF roofing material is a mere 1/3rd of the weight of standard roofing materials. It also offers a larger strength to weight ratio as compared to prefabricated sheet roofing systems.

Easy to Maintain

Since SPF roofs comprise of close-celled polyurethane foam they are dense enough to walk on so the occasional leakage is very easy and quick to repair. However, since this material is sprayed on, it contains no fasteners, joints or seams that can allow moisture to creep through and eliminates the need for counter flashing.

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