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Roof Coating in Phoenix

Commercial Roof Coating Contractor in Phoenix, AZ

Roof coatings are the finishing touches for a commercial roof. Once you’ve selected the material, getting an appropriate roof coating done can increase the longevity and the durability of the material and ensures that you won’t have to be worrying about getting a new roof any time soon.

Often times, there might be a small leak or damage that can easily be fixed and prevented from happening with the help of some roof coating. Getting a roof coating can equal to half the cost of your roof yet triple its life, so it is a worthy investment for most building owners.

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Why Your Phoenix Property Needs a Commercial Roof Coating

Roof coatings have long been utilized in Phoenix and beyond to protect commercial roofs from wearing out too quickly under the withering heat of the Arizona summers. For different situations, there are different roof coatings that impart various kinds of qualities that can complement or increase the longevity of your roof. Often times, getting a roof coating can extend the life of your Phoenix commercial roof by adding an additional 20-30 years. With that in mind, here are a few of the most common kinds of roof coatings:

UV Protection – Roof Coatings in Phoenix

UV protection roof coatings are available in liquid form, which later solidify, and are made of a material that can easily deflect the sun’s rays. Overexposure to severe sunshine can cause the roof to have a shorter life than normal and investing in a UV protection roof coating can multiply the life of the roof.

UV protection roof coatings can either be available in liquid form which later solidifies or consist of thin sheets made of a material that can deflect the sun’s rays easily. However, please note that simply applying white paint onto a roof does not impart any of the qualities of a UV protection roof coating to your roof.

Waterproof Roof Coatings in Phoenix

Not particularly known for the rain, getting a waterproof roof coating can be a blessing in disguise. Since after the sweltering heat and the merciless Sun, the roof is usually too dilapidated to put up much resistance to this sudden change, getting a roof coating might be just thing you need to prepare for the Monsoon season.

Waterproof roof coating is available in similar forms as the UV protection roof coating. However, under the Arizona heat, many people tend to focus more on the UV protection aspect and are ill prepared when it rains. Therefore, a waterproof coating is often applied in conjunction with the UV protection roof coating.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings in Phoenix

Elastomeric roof coatings are pretty common in Arizona and serve the purpose of being both waterproof and offering UV protection to the roof at the same time. These are available as a liquid coating and are applicable on almost any form of roof surface.

Usage of elastomeric roof coatings has shown a reduction in energy costs of up to 50% and reduction in heat damage by 90%. The added bonus of this roof coating being waterproof makes it a favorite among commercial building owners.

One particular quality of these roof coatings is the ability to shrink and expand with the roof in response to the effect of the temperature brought on by the changing weather. This flexibility in the coating ensures that the roof is in no way damaged by the coating. Similar roof coatings such as acrylic roof coatings also classify under elastomeric roof coatings.

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When to Get a Commercial Roof Coating

Although some roof coatings such as the acrylic roof coating can be affected by the weather and require certain temperatures in order to dry faster, other roof coatings can be applied at any time of the year.

It is greatly recommended that when a new roof is installed the roof coating should be applied sooner than later in order to ensure that the roof lasts longer. Luckily, depending on their conditions, old roofs can also be improved with the help of a roof coating, extending their life and preventing the need for replacement (at least for a while longer). 

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Phoenix Commercial Roof Coating FAQ

Should I only coat an older roof?

No. You can coat a new roof to preserve it and to add a reflective layer to help keep your property cool.

How long does a roof coating usually last?

How long a roof coating lasts depends on the mil thickness applied but typically 5 years.

How do I know if my roof can be coated?

To know if your roof can be coated versus replaced, you should ask a licensed roofing contractor to perform an inspection to see if the roof is in good condition.

What will a coating protect my roof from?

A commercial roof coating will protect your roof from drying out as fast. Asphalt-based roofs become dry and brittle over time in the Arizona sun. A roof coating will also protect your roof from the UV rays and help keep your property cooler.

Why should I get my roof coated with a reflective coating?

You should use a reflective coating for your commercial roof because it is better for the environment and your energy costs. Reflective coatings are known as cool roofing and almost all roof coatings are reflective these days.

What kind of roofs can be coated?

Almost all flat roofs can be coated. It is important to note, coating a shingle roof will void your manufacturer’s warranty. 

What is roof coating used for?

Roof coating is used to preserve your existing roof, saving you money on replacement, and helping you to keep your roof cool/conserve energy. 

Do roof coatings stop leaks?

Roof coating alone isn’t enough to stop leaks. Typically, it’s part of a comprehensive three-step system designed to provide optimal protection. The process usually begins with thorough surface preparation, where the roof is cleaned and any existing damage is repaired to ensure a smooth application. Next, a primer is applied to enhance adhesion and create a solid base for the coating. Finally, the roof coating is meticulously applied, forming a seamless, waterproof barrier that guards against leaks and extends the lifespan of your roof. This multi-step approach ensures that your roof remains durable and leak-free for years to come.

What is the best roof coating?

The best roof coating for your commercial roof depends on the type of roof and needs. Our most popular coatings are elastomeric and silicone roof coating.

How is the coating applied?

Coatings are applied with a spray gun or rolled onto the roof. Usually the coating will be applied in two layers, perpendicular to each other.

How is a roof prepared for coating?

The roof is prepared by cleaning, either power washing or blowing the roof off with air.

Why shouldn’t I use a less expensive coating?

Less expensive coatings are usually missing or have less of the main ingredient that protects your roof from the sun. It will also have a greater chance of flaking off or peeling up. You definitely get what you pay for. Investing in a coating that will last offers not only longevity but peace of mind. 

Can the roof be recoated in the future?

Yes, the roof can be recoated. Some products are not compatible with each other so we always recommend hiring a licensed contractor who is educated on which products can be used successfully.

How long does roof sealant take to dry?

On a normal day, a roof sealant will dry pretty quickly but will need to cure for a minimum of 4 hours before it is completely dry.

How do I maintain the coating?

To maintain your roof coating, the most important thing you can do is keep your roof clean and free of debris. If you notice blisters, cracking, or peeling, contract a licensed roofing contractor.

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Foam Roofing in Phoenix

What is Foam Roofing?

SPF or sprayed polyurethane foam is one of the most popular, durable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly roofing systems in Phoenix. Years of research back this relatively new technology and show the many benefits of foam roofing. Urethane foam roofing in Phoenix offers you a long-term solution for your home. The original SPF roofing has been installed on residential homes in Phoenix since the 1970s.

Although the urethane products we use are similar, our materials are more modern and have been refined and significantly improved over the years. Although the majority of foam roofing contractors offer SPF, you can be assured all of our materials are of the highest possible quality.

Is Foam Roofing in Arizona Worth it?

Yes, the best system for your flat roof is polyurethane foam. Phoenix residential foam roofing is sprayed on, resulting in a seamless protection layer for your home and it pays for itself due to the insulation value. This means the thickness of the material will save you money on your cooling and heating costs. In addition to leak protection, your Phoenix foam roof will last for the long term.

What Is Foam Roofing in Phoenix Made of?

When the liquid components of a polyol resin and isocyanate are combined, the result is urethane foam roofing. The material is then sprayed onto the surface of your roof. The reaction of the liquid mixture creates a durable insulation layer on your roof. The minimum application layer is one inch. We can use thicker applications for extra insulation.

Why Should You Choose Foam Roofing Phoenix AZ?

The combination of benefits and ease you receive with a residential foam roof in Arizona are excellent for the unique weather in the area. Foam roofs have become popular all over the state. At Jim Brown and Sons Roofing, we help you take advantage of all the advantages you receive with foam roofing. We are a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in the Phoenix area offering high-quality materials and workmanship. Contact us today for a free estimate!

Reasons to Consider Foam Roofing in Arizona

The application process for a residential foam roof in Arizona uses a blowing agent free of CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons. This means you are having a green roofing solution installed. You can take pride in your new roof and the benefits you receive because everything is environmentally friendly.

One of the benefits of polyurethane is insulation. During a Phoenix summer, you need your roof to keep heat away from your home. During the winter, you are kept warm by the same insulation. The insulation is so superior, your energy consumption decreases and you are helping the planet by going green.

A residential foam roof in Arizona keeps water away due to the virtual impenetrability of the closed-cell structure. Since your foam roof helps ensure appropriate drainage, it will help prevent water from collecting even when it is raining. As Phoenix foam roofing contractors, we recommend polyurethane roofing regardless of which type of roof you have. We simply use foam to spray on your new roof.

At Jim Brown and Sons Roofing, we want your roof to be durable whether we are performing foam roof repair in Phoenix or installing an entirely new roof. A spray foam roof is resilient, provides you with durability and protects your home for the long run.