commercial roof coatingCatering to your roofing needs, Jim Brown and Sons Roofing offers commercial roof coatings in Phoenix, AZ. Roof coatings are the finishing touches for a commercial roof. Once you’ve selected the material, getting an appropriate roof coating done can increase the longevity and the durability of the material and ensures that you won’t have to be worrying about getting a new roof any time soon.

Often times, there might be a small leak or damage that can easily be fixed and prevented from happening with the help of some roof coating. Getting a roof coating can equal to half the cost of your roof yet triple its life, so it is a worthy investment for most building owners.

Why Your Phoenix Property Needs a Commercial Roof Coating

Roof coatings have long been utilized in Phoenix and beyond to protect commercial roofs from wearing out too quickly under the withering heat of the Arizona summers. For different situations, there are different roof coatings that impart various kinds of qualities that can compliment or increase the longevity of your roof. Often times, getting a roof coating can extend the life of your Phoenix commercial roof by adding an additional 20-30 years. With that in mind, here are a few of the most common kinds of roof coatings:

UV Protection – Roof Coatings in Phoenix

UV protection roof coatings are available in liquid form, which later solidify, and are made of a material that can easily deflect the sun’s rays. Overexposure to severe sunshine can cause the roof to have a shorter life than normal and investing in a UV protection roof coating can multiply the life of the roof.

UV protection roof coatings can either be available in liquid form which later solidifies or consist of thin sheets made of a material that can deflect the sun’s rays easily. However, please note that simply applying white paint onto a roof does not impart any of the qualities of a UV protection roof coating to your roof.

Water Proof Roof Coatings in Phoenix

Not particularly known for the rain, getting a waterproof roof coating can be a blessing in disguise. Since after the sweltering heat and the merciless Sun, the roof is usually too dilapidated to put up much resistance to this sudden change, getting a roof coating might be just thing you need to prepare for the Monsoon season.

Waterproof roof coating is available in similar forms as the UV protection roof coating. However, under the Arizona heat, many people tend to focus more on the UV protection aspect and are ill prepared when it rains. Therefore, a waterproof coating is often applied in conjunction with the UV protection roof coating.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings in Phoenix

Elastomeric roof coatings are pretty common in Arizona and serve the purpose of being both waterproof and offering UV protection to the roof at the same time. These are available as a liquid coating and are applicable on almost any form of roof surface.

Usage of elastomeric roof coatings has shown a reduction in energy costs of up to 50% and reduction in heat damage by 90%. The added bonus of this roof coating being waterproof makes it a favorite among commercial building owners.

One particular quality of these roof coatings is the ability to shrink and expand with the roof in response to the effect of the temperature brought on by the changing weather. This flexibility in the coating ensures that the roof is in no way damaged by the coating. Similar roof coatings such as acrylic roof coatings also classify under elastomeric roof coatings.

When to Get a Roof Coating in Phoenix, AZ

A roof coating does not require to be applied at any particular time of the year. Although some roof coatings such as the acrylic roof coating can be affected by the weather and require certain temperatures in order to dry faster, other roof coatings can be applied at any time of the year.

It is greatly recommended that when a new roof is installed the roof coating should be applied sooner than later in order to ensure that the roof lasts longer. Luckily, depending on their conditions, old roofs can also be improved with the help of a roof coating.

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