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One of the most important aspects of maintaining a commercial property is the type of roofing system chosen for it. Only then is it possible to implement a proactive maintenance plan that works for years to come. This is where single-ply commercial roofing systems step into the picture.

single ply commercial roofing systems in Phoenix are acclaimed time and again for being the most effective solution when it comes to commercial usage. Custom-fabricated and light weight, single ply roofing systems have established themselves as a preference for building owners as they promise little to no maintenance and repair costs.

Learn About Single Ply Roofing Systems in Phoenix

Also known as 1-ply roofs or membrane roofs, these non-asphalt based systems are made up of flexible membranes that are uniformly laid across the length of roof decks. They are then glued down or fastened together mechanically. A covering is used on top which is usually made up of synthetic polymer and is intended to provide superior durability and protection against weather. They are effective for commercial use since they are walkable and it is safer to install them.

Why Commercial Properties in Phoenix Should Consider Single Ply-Roofing Systems?

Single ply roofing systems help one secure the following advantages.

  • Single ply roofing systems can be fabricated to fit customer needs.
  • They are particularly useful for surfaces that are low-sloped or flat.
  • Single ply roofing systems are unbelievably durable guaranteeing longer life spans.
  • Single ply roofs are easily installed without causing any distress to the building’s operations or its occupants.
  • These roofs are light-weight as compared to other alternatives.
  • Single ply roofs have a remarkable ability to reflect ultra-violet rays which makes it possible to secure significant cut-downs on cooling costs.
  • These roofs offer resistance against chemicals, winds, and fire.
  • Single ply roofing systems are virtually a maintenance-free solution.
  • These roofs can effortlessly accommodate extreme weather temperatures.
  • These roofs are offered at competitive prices.
  • They promise a consistent quality.
  • They are cleaner and easier to work with.
  • single ply commercial roofing systems can adhere to unconventional roof designs common to most modern day architectural designs.

The popularity of single ply commercial roofing systems in the commercial arena has only grown over the years. Another advantage associated with Single-ply roofing systems is that since there are no layers, the machinery to heat up bitumen is no longer needed.

Phoenix Single Ply Roofs – Materials Used

As far as the use of membranes is concerned for these roofs, they are categorized into two groups: Thermosets and Thermoplastics.


Thermosets are simply defined as materials that cannot be welded with hot air. They are usually made up of rubber polymers and the one most commonly used for these systems is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer or EPDM for short.

When used in single ply commercial roofing systems, these membranes render superior performance when exposed to varying temperatures, ozone or ultraviolet rays. They are also known to have long-term wear ability. If there is a large area that has to be covered, using Thermosets can be a realistic approach as it not only keeps the weight of the roof low, the number of seams used on the roof can be reduced as well.


Contrary to thermosets, thermoplastics are membranes that are welded with hot-air so as to achieve cohesive laps. TPO and PVC are among the most commonly used membranes used in thermoplastic membranes. Their use is recommended whenever dimensional stability and strength are desired. These membranes are characteristically light-colored, giving them excellent reflectivity which leads to significant energy savings. This type of membrane simplifies maintenance and repairs as well.

Single Ply Roofs in Phoenix – Fastening Methods

single ply commercial roofing systems are mechanically fastened. Fastening method is an important consideration as it is highly subjective to the type of roof deck you have on your building; for instance metal, wood, concrete, etc. However, mechanical fasteners work just perfectly regardless of the type of roof deck you have. It is only important to ensure that a sufficient number of fasteners are used so as to avoid any problems from arising in the future.

At Jim Brown and Sons Roofing, we have professionals that have years of experience in laying Phoenix Single-ply roofing systems. In addition, our seasoned contractors are well versed with the variety of membranes that are used so as to competently cater to clients’ roofing needs while keeping things easy on the pocket. With our knowledge, we commit to provide our customers with a roof that not only last years but is also fuss-free.

Jim Brown and Sons Roofing is a proud member of the Arizona Cool Roof Council. Contact us for a quote today.

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Phoenix Commercial Single Ply Roofing FAQ

What kind of single-ply roofs are there?

There are three main types, PVC, TPO and EPDM. The difference is what the material filler is. PVC is plastic, think pool liner. TPO is wax, like a candle. EPDM is rubber like an inner tube of a tire.

Can single-ply roofing be repaired?

Yes all three systems can be repaired most of the time.

Is maintenance required?

They are pretty easy to maintain as long as you keep them free from debris.

What materials are used on single-ply roofs?

You can apply single ply by itself or you can add an insulation board underneath or a cover board if there is an existing roof below.

Which type of single-ply membrane should you use?

This depends on what the building is used for and the climate. EPDM is not a great choice for the Phoenix area but it works great for the colder climates. Restaurants usually lean more towards a PVC system if they have grease traps.

Why invest in single-ply roofing?

They are durable, no fumes, better for the environment, and less expensive with less restrictions than an asphalt based roof.

Are single-ply roofs available in colors?

Yes typically there are three standard colors, white, grey, and tan. EPDM is typically black to help melt the snow but you can now also buy it in white to meet the cool roof requirements. Some manufacturers will custom make the membrane in any color.

Can you recommend a single-ply roofing type for Arizona?

PVC or TPO are great choices. Talk to your contractor about your needs and expectations to make the best choice for you.

How is single-ply roofing installed?

Single Ply roofing is mechanically fastened or fully adhered with an adhesive. It is usually a quick installation time compared to most systems.

How do I maintain my single-ply roof?

Keep it clean is the biggest thing. Debris will cause water not to flow off the roof as quickly. Birds and rodents will also deteriorate the material at a faster rate if they make your roof their home.

How long will a single-ply roof last?

20-30 years.

How do I know if my single-ply roof was properly installed?

Hire a professional roofing contractor who is certified from the manufacturer to install that roof.  The manufacturer will usually perform an inspection before issuing a warranty.