flat roofing phoenixAround for centuries, flat roof construction has a place in modern urban environments. In Phoenix, they have survived as impressive, cost-effective and durable roofing options for homeowners.

Flat roofs lend that unique Southwestern feel to our communities.  Easy to repair and replace, they are common in Phoenix homes and are often used alongside pitched roofs.

Common Materials Used in Flat Roof Construction in Phoenix

Built-Up Roof System Phoenix

Abbreviated BUR, the Phoenix built-up roof system is comprised of hot tar. It is a very affordable flat roofing option and a very popular one. A built-up roofing system is based on a couple of layers of hot tar with water resilient material between these layers. To give the flat roof a durable finish, a broad layer of pebbles is set on top.

Modified Bitumen Flat Roof Materials in Phoenix

Modified bitumen is another popular flat roof construction material in Phoenix. While this kind of flat roof once required a hazardous installation process such as burning the material on the roof, now it can very be safely set up using adhesives. The ability to build modified bitumen’s mineral surface in light colors enables the roof to reflect solar heat, a big advantage is given Phoenix’s climate.

PVC Roofing in Phoenix, AZ

Short for polyvinyl chloride, PVC is a type of plastic, which can be used to create flat roofs. Modern technology makes it possible to use PVC for building sturdy roofs. PVC roofing has varying thicknesses, which determines the durability and life of the roof. You can count on our best roofing company in Phoenix to make a PVC roof with optimal dimensions.

Using each of the above materials, we have built, insulated and replaced numerous flat roofing systems for satisfied homeowners across the Phoenix Valley. Each material has its own qualities and the best way to use them. While we don’t want you to get bogged down by too many details, suffice it to say that our flat roofing services are built to last in the climate and prevailing weather conditions of Phoenix.

Phoenix Cool Flat Roofing

Flat roofs in Phoenix often have a white elastomeric layer on top. This helps in keeping the sun and its heat at bay. Moreover, the coating also expands and contracts as the temperature rises and drops. This can help you stay cool, literally and figuratively as you not only enjoy the cool atmosphere but a lower electricity bill!

Understanding & Overcoming The Challenges of Flat Roofs in Arizona

Flat roofs have some inherent problems and challenges. For instance, drainage is probably the biggest potential problem with flat roofs since they don’t have any slopes. A drainage problem can also lead to leakage and molding. We use watertight seals to counter this problem. Plastic or rubber can be used to provide a leak-proof flat roof. Another brilliant way to avoid this problem is to use a pitched roof along with the flat sections. No one likes water pooling on, in or around their homes. We use proven methods to make sure that you only see a pool of water if you have a swimming pool!

The maintenance of flat roofs is another concern which is often cited by homeowners considering a roof. Some people are even discouraged to not get a flat roof for their house due to misinformation. While these challenges exist, we must assert that the key is to use the right materials, procedures, and methods for building a flat roof, or any kind of roof for that matter.

Get a Beautiful, Energy-Efficient Affordable Flat Roof in Phoenix, AZ

At Jim Brown and Sons Roofing we make sure that your flat roofing system is properly installed, a process which includes choosing the best quality, most suitable materials and planning the roof building based on your house, construction needs, and preferences.

If you’re interested in a flat roof installation or repair, give us a call!

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