Below are some of the most frequently asked question to rain gutters

Why do I need rain gutters?

Rain gutters are installed to move water away from the foundation of the house to prevent damage such as erosion which can cause the foundation and walls to crack.

Gutters also prevent water from running off of your roof and onto the walls. Gutters protect your wood fascia boards, prevent erosion and damage to your foundation. A lot of our customers call us to divert water away from their front and patio doors and to prevent flooding in areas that tend to hold water.

What are the different rain gutter options?

There are many different styles and materials that gutters come in. The most popular is the K-Style made out of aluminum. 

We install K style gutters that are custom fabricated to your unique roof and house design. There are multiple options from colors, down spout sizes, and accessories to accommodate most situations.

I read there is a 5 inch and 6 inch size option available. How do I know which one I need?

If you have a shingle roof the 5” will work on most homes, but if you have a tile roof you need to install 6” to catch all the water coming off the roof. If you have 5” install on a tile roof the water most likely will shoot over the gutter rather then going into it.

If you have a flat roof or another roofing system not listed, a qualified estimator will be able to tell you what size you will need.

How long does it take to install gutters on a home?

In most cases it takes just a couple of hours to install them. If you are having them install all around the house it will take about seven hours.

What materials are the rain gutters you install made from?

Pre painted Aluminum.

What is needed to ensure my rain gutters last a long time?

Keep them cleaned out of leaves and debris so the water will flow properly and not cause them to sag and come loose from the roof edge.

How often do rain gutters need to be replaced?

Unless they get damaged some how they should last the life time of the house.

Do you offer rain gutter maintenance services?

Yes, we can set up a schedule to come out and clean them once a year if needed. This is only necessary if you have a lot of trees or other debris that constantly gets in the gutters.

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