Roof Replacement Financing in Phoenix, AZ

Sometimes your Phoenix home will need major roof repairs or replacement or repairs during times that may not be convenient for you financially, catching you off guard completely. Or you may have the funds to cover your repairs in a money market account but are unable to access it without paying steep penalties and/or fees which makes financing a better option.

With our company’s roof repair financing program, you won’t need to wait to complete your roofing project. To find out more information, please click below.

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How does roofing financing work?

We utilize Wells Fargo Home Projects financing. Applying is easy as clicking the link, filling out the application online. Once approved, we discuss different finance options. Wells Fargo Home Projects offers finance promotions. The promotions change but to give you an idea, in the past, it has included low interest rates of 6.9% or 0% financing for 15 months.

Are roof financing options available to you?

There is a minimum purchase requirement to qualify for promotional finance rates.

How do we get paid?

Once finance is approved and finance terms are decided, JBS holds the funds in a pending status so no interest is charged.  Once the job is completed we then take the held funds from pending to charged.

How can I afford a new roof?

  1. Budgeting for the expense is the best way to afford a new roof.
  2. Refinance your home and pull out some of the equity.
  3. Apply for the Wells Fargo Home Projects Card.
  4. Borrow against your 401k or other retirement account
  5. Start a Go Fund me account.

Replacing your roof is not cheap and if you have never had to replace one before, the amount can surprise you. There are a lot of factors that determine the price of your new reroof such as pitch, availability of replacement tile, access to the roof for dumpster, trucks and equipment. If you are caught off guard with the price or if need to get the work done quickly before you have access to money you have in a CD or Money Market account, the Wells Fargo Home Projects Card would be a good solution to bridge the time gap.

How much will it cost to get my roof replaced?

It is impossible to give you an exact amount. There are so many factors to consider, such as roof pitch, access to the roof for equipment, and if you have a tile roof – are the tiles still available? Or will you have to purchase all brand new tiles? On the low end, $6,000 for a small shingle roof on the high end $25,000 for a larger tile house.

How will I know if my roof needs replacement?

This depends on the roof type. Tile roofs generally last 20 years, some will last less and some will last longer but in general 20 years is the average life span of the original roof put on by the home builder.

Some of the signs that you need to replace your tile roof would be curling underlayment, dry brittle underlayment, rotted wood at the eves and soffit, water stains in the attic and, of course, the obvious leaks in the home.

Shingle roofs last about 15 years in the hot Phoenix sun. Some of the signs that your shingle roof needs to be replaced; severe granular loss every time it rains. A few granules is normal, especially on a new roof, but as the roof ages, more and more will wash off when it rains – exposing the fiberglass. This will not cause a leak but will provide a good sign that the roof is starting to dry out and become brittle.

If you have a three tab shingle roof, you may experience flipped shingle tabs that break off and land in your yard during strong winds. You should also walk around the perimeter of your home and look for water stains at the eves and rotted wood. Patio flat roofs typically fail before the roof over the livable space. This happens because the material is directly exposed and a single layer, unlike flat roofs over a livable space that have at least two layers of rolled roofing or sometimes called “built up” or BUR roofing. Typically, builders use the minimum requirement on patios to keep the home purchase as low as possible or to spend the money on the upgraded interior.

Foam roofs will last forever if maintained. Foam roofs are a great choice for multiple reasons: cost, insulation factor and there are no fasteners. The downside to foam is the maintenance aspect. Foam roofs require coating to protect the foam from the suns harmful uv rays. Foam roofs need to be recoated every 5 years typically. Bugs can burrow into the foam causing leaks or allowing the suns uv rays to ruin the foam. Bugs in the foam are a food source for other pests and, in turn, cause another issue from birds pecking on your roof to rodents. The key to a long lasting foam roof is keeping it clean and recoating every 5 years. We highly recommend a yearly maintenance contract for foam roofs.

When is payment due for my roof?

Payment is due once the job is completed. Sometimes the work is 100% completed but the Superintendent hasn’t completed the final job walk. Once that takes place, the paperwork gets turned in to our billing department and we will mail and or email you an invoice.

How will you pay for your new roof?

JBS Roofing accepts checks, credit cards and cash. Cash must be delivered in person at our office.

What payment options does Wells Fargo Home Projects credit line offer?

A low interest rate or 0% financing.

Why use roof financing through JBS Roofing?

It is fast and convenient.

Should I have the old roof removed before the new one is put on?

This depends on the type of roof you have, generally your old roof will be removed.